Monday, April 18, 2011

{Decked Out}

Well, not yet! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. until this deck is complete.  It's going to be AMAZING!  The building happened last weekend, it will continue this coming Saturday and possibly into the next weekend.  We thought we'd be nice and give him Easter off.  Just kidding, he told us he wouldn't be working on Easter.  I didn't expect him to, there's way to much candy to eat on that holiday for anyone to be spending it building a deck.  Here are some pictures of the progress:

This is the cute little before.  Pardon the terrible weeds and random branches.  We didn't keep up our yard/landscaping very well during the fall and winter.

This was the 1st day.  We added on to our existing deck for now.  The last part he will tear off is the existing deck to match the rest of the wood and wood posts.
You can see in the picture below how small the old deck was compared to the new deck {the lighter wood obvi}  SO MUCH BIGGER! We will have 2 levels and the bottom step. 
End of Day Two. Progress! My favorite word!

This deck is going to be HUGE! Yess!

We are constantly entertaining over here.  We always hang out on the deck with people crammed into every corner of that 8x10 space.  Now we can   s p r e a d    o u t   quite a bit.  So, here's what I have envisioned for the deck.  First, we (and by we I mean Mike) will be staining/painting the deck.  We really can't decide.  He wants to paint and I want to stain. So opinionated....him not me...moving on. 

After that bridge has been crossed, we will concentrate on some sa-weet patio furniture.

Before our builder was even finished with the first day, this girl {me} was checking out some patio furniture.  I got very excited looking at all the selection that is out there! I first went to NFM online.  They are pretty proud... $800 for a basic bistro {which is a mini table and 2 chairs}!! And that was the cheapest one I found that I liked.  Pssshhht.  A flippin' bistro for $800?!Who do I need to talk to about this?  {that's what I say to Mike when I don't agree with something. Ex. When he said football's season would be longer, I said "Who do I need to talk to about this?" His answer, "the commissioner".  You get the idea}

 We have never bought outdoor patio furniture before.  We got some hand-me-downs that are still in pretty good shape from before we were married.  We could just still use those, but we are looking for something more substantial that will fill some major space *because we have some now tehehe* 

This is what 'they' call a 'conversation set'.  Whatever they call it I want one.  We were talking about getting a set like this.  I love the detail in the back of the chairs/love seat.  I wish I could show you a zoomed in picture.  The reviews on this set said that the color looks way more sage than lime green as the picture shows.  To be honest, I would be fine with either.  I love the set THAT much.  {Sage is more appealing to me though}

I'm thinking this set on the lower tier of the deck...with a fire pit!

This is the matching dining set.  How much do you love it!!?!? I need this set bad! I'm definitely thinking a 7-piecer.  Yeah, I just said piecer...and spell-check just corrected me on it.  This table would go on the upper tier along with the grill.

Well, there's all of my exciting news on the deck situation! How fun was that?

In other news:

My lavender sprouted up about a week ago and now has little tiny leaves on it!!


Stay tuned to see what I do with this wood.  My Uncle Ed tore down an old farm on his property in Liberty and saved lots of barn wood for my mom and I! Cool right? I have something in mind, but we'll see.  I need to think about how I will do it...

Look at that patina!
My sweet hubs and I are SO looking forward to spending this weekend together and with all our family, going to church and just spending time together.  Saturday, we're going to my favorite antique store {River Market Antiques} to search for a bench.  My mom and brother said they saw some there this past weekend, and since I heard that I've been itching to go!

The next weekend, we have a bachelorette/bachelor party.  One of our favorite couples!  Girls are going to Hermann, Missouri on a train to hit up the wineries and guys are going golfing and relaxing at Lake of the Ozarks.  It will be so fun!  We will see how many of our upcoming projects can be completed before then.  I'm guessing not many.

Until next time!!

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