Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Cute & Cheap Rug Alert}

Well hello again my dear friends! I'm doing this post today with MUCH excitement! Some people probably wouldn't find this very exciting, but my little decorating-obsessed heart is overflowing this Sunday morning'. I was doing my blog stalking the other morning before work, which I rarely do, and came across Decor Chick's website. Not to be confused with 'Thrifty Decor Chick' which is another fav. The blog title was the same (I copied her) as mine. I clicked on it because I love 'cute' & 'cheap' & 'rugs', right? So once I got there I didn't even read the article! All I had to see was 'Lowe's' and '$34' and I was all over it. What!? You're telling me this beautiful 5x7 rug is $34!! It's 50% off so I knew I had to start making my calls...

I first called the Lowe's by our house. No luck, not to mention not very friendly. Note to self, the Gladstone Lowe's does not like prissy girls looking for pretty little rugs. I don't like mean people. So I called the Lowe's in Liberty (I was going to make my Hubby pick it up after work). The forces were against me on this particular morning because he said "we don't need another area rug" I told him my plan to replace the floral one. Then he was OK with it. When I first moved in after we got married, that was the ONE item we fought over. He didn't/doesn't like it. Anyway, Liberty's inventory said 3 and, bless his little heart, the guy at Lowe's tried really hard to find them. No luck. Sad face. I wasn't going to get my precious rug!

I'm not one to give up though. I finally found one 20 minutes away in Roeland Park, KS! (P.S. as of yesterday they had 2 more if you're interested...)Holler! I was so excited! I would like to give a shout out to Jevon in flooring at the Roeland Park Lowe's. He was beyond helpful to me and I was able to get my rug. Now it is just making itself comfortable in its new home underneath our kitchen table. We haven't found a place for the old rug yet, but I'm slightly over the floral thing I had going on for a while. This is the rug if you can't remember/had never seen it.  This picture was taken with my iPhone around Christmas when we got our new kitchen table.

Goodwill might have a cute rug for cheap in the next couple of weeks ;-) Ahh It brings me peace when I look at it. The new one that is. It's the PERFECT size for in here and a much less busy pattern.  I think it will go really well with our new glidden wood smoke paint. I can't wait to see it!

I also FINALLY put up this paper towel holder that I got at HobLob decades ago it seems.  Hubby kept asking, "when is this thing going up on the wall?!" Oh, don't question me lover. And so it did this weekend.  It's supposed to be a paper towel holder but I thought it'd be cute in our bathroom to hold hand towels.  Here it is in all it's glory!

You know what I love even more? Our monogrammed towels.  A wedding gift from a dear family friend. 

Who's sleeping with their windows open tonight? I am! I am!

Until next time!

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