Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Labor of Love}

Did you guess what my newest project is?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone??

Probably not (unless you're a Fbook friend) it was sort of a bad hint.  Very vague. Oh well.

It's a.............Chandelier!!

But not a traditional chandelier.  I was getting only slightly sick of the gold 'boob' light in our hallway because I walk under it at least 8 times a day.  I thought I'd test my hand at this little DIY.  I used what I had at home for the most part so the total cost of this project lies in the circle punch at $8 (40% off) at JoAnn's. I'll take it!

I took a hanger and fit it around my blinding gold boob light, twisted it to bind it together and then took thread and attached the top part of a lampshade that I was going to donate to create a lower tier.  That's confusing, I know. It's very strange but strangely WORKS!

I used wax paper and parchment paper to make the "capiz shells". I used 2 long pieces of parchment paper and 3 pieces of wax paper in between.  Got out my little iron and ironing board & ironed the parchment paper/wax paper combo.  The end result was one thick piece of wax paper.  I  then circle punched about 7 sheets of the wax paper and glued 7 circles or "shells" to a piece of thread for the upper tier, and 6 circles for the lower tier. 

A few hot glue gun burns later, I had myself a pretty little chandy.  Bear in mind that this is VERY time consuming, but this particular week my hubs was working late every night and American Idol finals were on, so I had a lot of spare time while watching T.V. I am also really good at multi-tasking.  Cheers to my new light and possibly a mini one downstairs by the garage entry.  There's a cute gold fixture down there too!

The Habitat ReStore is calling both of their names loud and clear.  It'll be OK little lights, I wouldn't want to leave our house either...

Update on the outdoor cushions:  No update. Still can't decide.  Fell in love with some other ones at Pier 1.  Possibly cheating on Ballard with Pier 1.  Going with Mr. HubbyMan today to shop for some. Uh Oh.

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday! I'm going to, it's HOT out there and I love it!


  1. oh snap, this is FABULOUS! i'm thinking about doing this for a hideous light i have in my bedroom. the lampshade that you attached to the hanger is upside down (creating an inner and outer ring)? Sorry, just trying to picture it in my head :) Thanks for any feedback you can give!
    ~ Jill from 'Just Dream, Jelly Bean!'

  2. Hi, Jill! Thanks for the comment. I think it's pretty awesome too! Regarding the inner and outer rings, yes I just attached the two together with some thread. The smaller of the two rings (the lamp shade ring) is about 7 inches below the upper ring that is attached to the base of the actual light fixture. Sort of confusing. I do have a picture that I didn't post because it was such bad lighting that I can send to you so you can get a better idea. Good luck!!

  3. This is terrific! We call them nipples lights in our house :)