Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{17 weeks}

Whew! That was along day! Sunday was soooo busy! I cleaned out the coat closet we have at least 4 bags of stuff going to Goodwill/out to the curb! I'm on a kick of getting rid of stuff! And I like it! We then went out to NFM to get this bed we've had our eye on.  Got it home and wouldn't ya know it? No instructions....thanks NFM. Appreciate it! =) Anyway, Mike and his dad put up our new fan in the master bedroom and then we figured the bed would be so simple, well 3 hours later we're looking at each other like WTH? This does not make sense! We got 'most' of it put together on Sunday. Now there is a storage box with 2 drawers that goes on the bottom of the footboard, that did not get put on until Monday when the company emailed us instructions. We didn't want to mess anything up so we waited to get some help, a bed isn't something I want to guess on.......It looks so good though and even though it's a bigger bed it seems to make the room look bigger! Our old bed is going in the "office" and the office that never gets used is going in the basement. Needless to say it is Tuesday and my normal posts are on Sunday. I finally got around to doing the weekly post!

How far along? 17 weeks. Woot!
Total weight gain/loss: Doc says 3 lbs....I asked because it didn't seem like much & it's completely normal weight gain.  She said I was a tiny little thing to begin with. True.
Maternity clothes? sure. My favorite jeans are my maternity skinnies. Why not be comfortable. My work just made the whole first quarter a jeans day! Yay!!!

Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: I wake up once a night, eat some crackers and then go back nighty.
Best moment this week: Hearing Baby's heartbeat.  It's 166 bpm.  Healthy! Always a relief
Miss Anything? I do crave my wine every now and then...and this new chocolate ale everyone is raving about. I could use some of that!

Movement: I'm feeling a little somethin' somethin'
Food cravings: Pretzel M&Ms, grilled cheese, Twizzlers, red peppers, pretzel bread, sweet stuff  too like nutella and banana crepes and oreos, which is strange... I'm normally more of a salty person!
Anything making you queasy or sick: meat, yuck! Strong smelling anything -- like onions, garlic, this cheesy bread we got.
Gender: UGH! I just don't know. I want to say girl just because that's what everyone thinks but I just don't know!!
Labor Signs: NO!

Symptoms: MUCH better, still not a lot of energy. I still feel really tired!
Belly Button in or out? in but it's movin' forward.....yikes! I'll freak out the day it pops out!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!!!
Looking forward to: 20 week sono on President's Day.  We get to see baby and find out what the heck it is! Then be off work the whole day!!! Both Mike's mom and my mom are going! I hear this sonogram is very cool! 

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