Sunday, February 19, 2012

{DIY Mail Organizer}

What? A post that's not related to baby?!! Something must be wrong with me! I have not been total baby brain lately {ok yes I have, that's why the projects are lacking} I think baby is a pretty legit excuse though......Anyway, our mail drives. me. crazy. Literally.  I hate having it everywhere.  I don't even really like it in view at all, but I found a way to conceal it a bit.  I made a little project out of my used Kix box, look how cute it is!

This is some wedding scrapbook paper from JoAnn's.  Cute! It sits on the side of the fridge with the help of these magnets, $2 at Target.

And it gets the mail out of my line of vision.  This little -and very helpful, I might add - project cost a whopping $3 and some change. Yessss.....

I just love it! And no more mail to drive me BATTY! We are off to Lidia's to celebrate being 20 weeks pregnant! YAY!!


  1. I think I'll be copying this one...Thanks girl! You're so crafty! :)

  2. Lauren - I just saw this comment :) hopefully you got yours made! Our's has come in very handy!

  3. What a great an inexpensive way to hold your mail. I eat quite a bit of cereal so this will be easy for me to get all the supplies, to make. I go through my mail once a week, usually on Sunday. Now I will have some place to neatly keep the mail until have a moment to go through it. Yeah! Thank You for the great idea!