Sunday, June 10, 2012

{36 weeks}

A little sass this week apparently. 

How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Will find out for sure Tuesday - last week it was about 20 lbs, probably close to 20.5 now at least.
Maternity clothes? not so much

Stretch marks? nope!
Sleep: It comes and goes. I think it's God's way of getting me used to no husband on the other hand......he sleeps like a baby.
Best moment this week: The best moments always occur on the weekends ;) Hmm - I would have to say going to the City Market yesterday with some friends was a nice little getaway.  

We had fun and my friend Jana had never been.  I got some Brioche bread that I used for French toast this morning.  It has no preservatives but you can freeze for up to a year.  It's sort of a sweet bread and so yummy! I am also so crazy with organizing and cleaning at this point.  I feel I was OCD to begin with and now I think it's scaring my husband :) Sadly I think the best moment this week is getting everything organized and cleaned which happened today!!  Our house is finally ready for baby in my opinion. Also, we are taking our maternity pictures at sunset tonight in Weston so I am really excited to see those!!
Miss Anything? Being comfortable.  It sounds strange but I feel like I'm constantly am wearing an underwire bra because my baby is right under those puppies!
Movement: Yes, the Dr. checked my cervix last week and said he's still head down and I'm dilated just slightly.  Not sure if that means 1 cm or what.  I didn't ask and should have. I know exactly how he's positioned in there so it's funny to say those are his little feet or legs over on the left hand side..  His back is along my right hand side, booty under my right rib cage.
Food cravings: Salty this week (chips, BBQ) - along with some cupcakes from the shower, and banana smoothies are the hot item.
Anything making you queasy or sick: brushing my teeth, never fails to gag me.
Gender: Boy - we can't wait to meet you our sweet boy!  I get emotional just thinking about the first time I will see his face. 
Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Tired, uncomfortable, acid reflux, back pain, my feet hurt, I waddle, overall though I'm not feeling too bad for being in my final month, thank goodness.  I think I paid my pregnancy dues when I was sick from 6-18 weeks.
Belly Button in or out? Way OUT! Our friend Amanda who is also pregnant is a teacher and she said that one of her students thought that her belly button was the baby's nose.  Isn't that sweet?
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY, although today I was very irritable for about 3 hours.  Weird.
Looking forward to: Weekly doctors appointments from here on out and getting our monitor set up! We went to get it today. We did not end up with the Withings one that we originally wanted because it is not sold in stores.  We wanted to try it before we bought and it just was not possible.  While I was at the Royals game the other day I got to talking to my mom's best friend about the monitor system her daughter uses for their new baby. The monitor is really the only thing we have left to get.  She began texting her daughter and she said she is able to monitor her baby with the D-Link DCS-932L day and night web cam.  For a whopping $80 at Office Max!! I was all over that (At least $160 cheaper than the original one!) - and she is a tech savvy stay at home mommy so she said she would come over to set it up for us! Of course we are going to try to set it up first ourselves, but she sent me this picture of how clear it is! 

Isn't that amazing? And it has sound, and can be connected to our iPad, iPhones and our home computer over wifi.  Just like the Withings one.  I'm wondering why I didn't think of this and why more people don't take this route????!

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