Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Month One Must-Haves}

Month one was a learning period in our house, as I imagine it is in most new parents homes.  We learned what worked for us and what didn't; what Landon likes and what he doesn't.  Here are some of the life-savers and things we absolutely could not live without.  Obviously this does not apply to every baby but it worked for ours, and may work for yours.

1. Boppy - What a lifesaver this is.  Not only for breastfeeding but also for some tummy time, to prop baby up and my little one tends to fall asleep on it. Love it and I just ordered a new cover off of Etsy for it because we use the other one so much that it gets pretty gross (milk, spit up, etc.)
2. Hauck Malibu Stroller - THE PERFECT STROLLER! Simple and very lightweight! I take it shopping and am able to easily manage putting it together and folding it back up.  We only are using the bassinet part at this time but as soon as he's 3 months old we will move it so that we can put his car seat in their instead, then it will be his toddler stroller as well. We purchased in black, or as they call it charcoal, so that it could easily be used for boy or girl in the future. Landon love it and sleeps so well in it and I just think it's dog gone adorable!
3. Nap Nanny - My child slept so well in this straight from the hospital.  It is so simple to clean as we got some spit-up on it right away. It's also on an incline because lots of babies don't like to sleep on their back or have acid reflux (mine did, I think it's gone now....)  I will continue using this for naps, but we put Landon in his crib last night for the first time and it worked out fabulously!
4. BABY GAP! - I mean the only place to buy baby clothes along with some others. ;) It's a challenge to dress boys cute, and they make it so easy.  It doesn't help that I live 5 minutes from one......I'm headed up there today!
5. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Baby Carrier - When my husband is not using the Baby Bjorn to carry Landon, I am using this! It's geared more towards the mama with the cute pattern and it feels like I'm carrying nothing.  He loooooovvves it too.  He can be screaming and if I put him in this. Done & asleep in 5 minutes.  That or just looking around.  Loves it. And it is so reasonable too, it's way more lightweight than the Baby Bjorn (which is Mike's carrier)!
6. Aden & Anais Vroomaroo Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Ok, these are a must-have for everyone.  Even if you don't use it to swaddle {which I really don't}it is the perfect lightweight blanket.  I am always scared baby is overheating - especially with how HOT is has been lately - and I don't with this blanket.  There typically comes 4 in a pack, which is perfect because normally I have found that when I'm washing two, I'm using the other 2. And they have cute patterns as well.  I'm thinking about getting the original swaddles in the boutique mela pattern as well, that's how much I love these!
7. Infantino Dice Dice Baby Travel Toy - We have toys that we got at showers and stuff, but when we bought this for overtop his car seat, he was immediately enamored with it.  Loved all the colors and the mirror.  I think it was $4 or something.  A well spent $4, I say!
8. Miracle Blanket - This I received as a gift in cream and blue at my shower.  I was so disappointed when we got home from the hospital that I tried to swaddle Landon and he hated it!! Screamed the entire time...I figured he didn't want to be swaddled.  Then my sister-in-law {who swears by them and bought me the blue one} said sometimes babies don't like the process of being swaddled, but once they are they love it.  So I took a deep breath dealt with the crying and tried again.  Once he was in the swaddle, he immediately stopped crying.  It was amazing.  He now sleeps in this every night.  I don't put any sleepers on him, just his diaper and at night it's easy to do the diaper change.
9. The First Years White Noise Machine - One word - lifesaver.  If you are expecting, stop reading this and go get one :) That's all.
10. Graco Lovin' Hug Swing - Plugs in and will obviously run all day if you want it too.  I actually like listening to the music as does my son.  It plays classical music.  My little is going to be so smart!! He normally looks around while in it and I like it because it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb it sort of blends with our decor, which is good because it's in our living room. We have the green and brown dot one with teddy bears as the mobile.
11. Hand Sanitizer - my son has already gotten sick, but immediately home from the hospital we have hand sanitizer in basically every room.  No germies, thank you!
12. Medela Hand Pump - So I never thought I would use it when my nurse gave it to me in the hospital.  Turns out I was wrong.  I obviously have the electric pump that I normally use, but on those nights I'm away from my son and out, it is a lifesaver.  I literally throw it in my purse in a bag, and I actually pumped on the way home from our girls night the other night in my friends car.  Yes, it was necessary ;)
13. Aden & Anais Sleep Sack - When we are not using the miracle blanket this is our go to.  It's nice because it is a blanket but not dangerous for SIDS. Again, very lightweight like the swaddle blankets.
14. Wubbanub - We have the frog and the elephant.  Again, if you babe takes a binky, you will love this.  Our son is a cryer when he loses his bink.  It drives us crazy.  He has learned that if he holds on to the soft legs of his "wubby" that it won't fall out of his mouth.  Also it is attached to a Soothie paci, which is our sons favorite, but if your child isn't a fan of those, you could probably DIY a binky specific Wubbanub.
15. Boogie Wipes Grape Flavor - I bought these after seeing them at Babies R Us when Landon had his cold.  They are also sold at Target I know.  He is getting over his cold now, but I love these because they have saline which is good to break up the mucous and they're grape flavored, so he doesn't cry when I wipe his little bitty nose.
16. Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym - This thing is amazing! It has lights, music and our son LOVES it.  He has and does lay under it for hours.  Sometimes falling asleep under it.  It is also great for tummy time {Landon does not like tummy time...} when we can do it.

Those are all of the life-savers for month one.  Which probably is one of the hardest as far as adjusting goes.  But WE MADE IT! Again, these are just my suggestions based on my child, but all or none may work for you. I hope you enjoyed reading! 

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