Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Striped Gallery Wall}

While on maternity leave, I have gotten around to completing some things that I have been wanting to do!  So while Landi-doodle is sound asleep in his crib, I thought I would blog about one.

I finally completed the striped hallway/gallery wall that I wanted to do.  Our hallway was so boring before {and holy orange tinge....ew.  Thanks iPhone...}

In progress

Another iPhone pic. Yikes!

I used the dry brush technique.  It worked amazingly! Basically what it is: you tape your wall off then go along the taped lines with a dry brush {not much paint on it} so that it wont bleed through the edges of the tape, like it would with a roller because you normally have lots of paint on them.  My lines are so crisp.  Very exciting!

If you're wondering what that little canvas with the writing on it is...It's the lyrics to our wedding song.  Somehow by Citizen Cope.  That's my husbands favorite part =)

Also, people laugh at me but I didn't use a level....oops.  I measured the whole wall top to bottom {92"} then divided that by 10 inches which is how wide I wanted the stripes to be, but I didn't want to mess with having some weird number to measure out.  Also, I didn't want to have to "cut in" or paint along any more edges than I had to, so I just added an extra inch {what's an extra inch going to hurt??} on the top and bottom and left them the original wall color.  Yes no taping/painting along the ceiling or baseboards! Score! So I measured in different spots and just connected the tape where the marked dots were.  The top/bottom stripes are 11" all the ones in the middle are 10".  You can't even tell!

I do love the picture that hangs there, so I thought I would keep that as the centerpiece and then add some photos/odds and ends around it.  I think it turned out really well and my husband came home from work and was very impressed! He said it looks 10 times better!!  I would have to agree, honey!

And I'll close this post with a picture of my handsome man!
Boy, you are handsome, Mr. Landon Man!

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