Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our weekend {10/5 & 10/6}

This weekend was a blast! Such a fallish weekend, what more could you ask for? Beautiful weather, Weston's Applefest, some hot apple cider from the Keurig, house hunting, church, and a Chiefs party to top it all off. I love weekends like this! I want fall to be here all year long, can I get an AMEN?!

Landon loved the AppleFest. He made eye contact with one of the band members when we walked past the band area/dance floor and was jamming out! All the bystanders were loving the dance moves of our little tater tot. He must take after his mom....ya know, with the good dance moves......

After AppleFest we made a trip to Price Chopper to get some pumpkins! I guess that AppleFest just totally got me in the mood for pumpkins on my front porch even though the annual trip is actually next Sunday. I still can't find a mum that I love! I am being super picky this year for some reason! I can't wait to move so we'll have an actual true front porch to decorate. I'm talking cornstalks, hay bales all that festiveness - BOOM! 

Cardi (purchased overseas in Scotland, similar here) - T-Shirt - Jeans

Houses, houses, houses. We found one and we like the floor plan a lot! We'll just see what happens, of course we have to sell ours first.  I can't help but share this photo of one of the rooms in the house - I mean how cute of a playroom would this make? That's my main goal in the next house.  A PLAYROOM.  I can picture it now, a cute little teepee by the window for playing and reading in, a little mini table and chairs for arts and crafts, maybe some bean bags and a chalkboard wall, and of course my sweet Landon in there to top it all off...

When we were done with all that business, we got home and I was so tired that I didn't feel like making what I had planned for us that night {I have been a meal-planning fool lately, and I love it!}, so microwave Mac & Cheese it was! And, boy was it good! A definite surprise hit up in here! You can find the recipe here, although I altered mine a bit because I think we must have one of those "powerful" microwaves she is talking about. 

Sunday. Oh, how I love thee football Sunday! We have started "Soup Sundays" up in here, where we make a new soup every Sunday. This week is kind of like soup: Chicken and dumplings! The ultimate fall comfort food! Into the crockpot it went before we went to some friends house for the Chief's game {um, are we really 5-0?!}, and ready it was for dinner when we got home! It was delish! My husband is loving his new wife that cooks {and that the Chiefs are actually winning, he's really hit the jackpot the last couple of weeks}!

Well, I'm getting ready to check out for the night but not before I down this bowl of Pumpkin Crunch popcorn for dessert! Holy yum!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too! Happy Fall, y'all! 


  1. This looked like a successful weekend. I love your all faucets. This is random, but one time...a long time ago, I saw a picture of fingernail polish or something that was a close up of your hand. You were wearing these gorgeous stacking rings. Or one ring that looked like it could have been stacking rings? Can you tell me about these?!

  2. Natasha - Thanks for the love! I have had the one thick ring for a while. It is not a stack but one ring. I honestly don't remember where I got it and I wear it with a smaller diamond band that my hubby gave as a promise ring when I was 16. I have worn them every day on my right ring finger ever since I can remember! Sorry I have been no help!