Wednesday, November 27, 2013

{Christmas Animal Crackers}

Happy Turkey Day Eve!! Hope you all are planning on lots of family and food tomorrow, I know we are!

This recipe - if that's what you want to call it - is so easy! I was just messing around the other night and came up with this delicious recipe for a quick sweet Christmas treat!

We have a HUGE tub of animals crackers that my mom brought over, when I say huge I'm not kidding...

Therefore, I figured if the recipe was a flop, it wouldn't matter.  First what I did was pulverize {why do I love that word so much?} my candy canes.  I was planning on doing this anyway.  I put 5 candy canes into the blender.  And turned it on high and the blender did all the work.  Bye, bye candy canes! This is what it looks like once it's all said and done.

I have done this twice just this week and the latter is the easiest! The first time I laid a flat layer of animal crackers on a cookie sheet with wax paper. Then I melted some white chocolate/almond bark and poured it over the crackers.  I mixed it all together, kind of.  The second time, I poured a bunch of animal crackers in a bowl and poured the melted chocolate on top. I very carefully mixed it together so the animals heads wouldn't get chopped off. Then sprinkled the candy cane dust on top of it.  So good, and festive, and fun to make!

Christmas Peppermint Animal Crackers

However many animal crackers your heart desires
Enough almond bark/white chocolate to cover 
5 candy canes {you will have leftovers for your coffee or cupcakes or waffles :)}
Melt the white chocolate 
Gently mix together 
Quickly transfer to a wax papered cookie sheet
Sprinkle candy cane dust all over them - don't be frugal with the dust! A lot is best! 
Lick your fingers and pop the cookie tray in the fridge. They are ready to eat in 3 minutes! Enjoy!

Mr. Bozarth LOVED them and I think I have mentioned before, that he's not big on sweets. I was downstairs and him and Landon were upstairs when I caught him sneaking some more and heard him say to Landon, "Daddy's addicted to these cookies, bud..."

I brought them over to my moms on Friday for a sweet treat during the KU game and once again, they were gone when we left and I heard my husband say "These animal crackers are so damn good!" My wifey heart is pretty proud even if the are 3 ingredients that you can go wrong with!

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