Saturday, November 30, 2013


We spent our Thanksgiving being thankful! Thankful for all of our blessings, too numerous to count! On the top of that list is our family and our health! Although I try to spend some time each day reflecting on our blessings, its nice to have a day dedicated to being THANKFUL! Don't you agree? Next comes advent! Can't wait for all the festivities planned in December! You can check out our family's 25 Days of Christmas post here.

A couple nights before Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas tree. Super fun with a busy toddler! Seriously he was so fun!

We love our little Christmas elf! Clark, our Elf on The Shelf also came out that night. Better be good, Landon....

I also did my Christmas chalkboard that night. Wow! We were busy! This chalkboard is by the garage entrance at the bottom of the basement stairs. I make it festive for any occasion. 

I asked Mike "Does that look like a mistletoe" & he said "I'm not sure why a mistletoe looks like..." How sad - guess Ill have to get a real one and smooch him under it!

If you're a follower on Instagram or a friend on Facebook, you know Landon took a minor spill on Monday night which resulted in 6 stitches straight across his eyebrow. My poor baby. I'm happy to say he is doing better now and he doctor said it will scar, but should be small. We were in the process of putting up our tree when it happened {not the pictures above - it was the night before} so it looked like Christmas threw up in our living room when we got home from the hospital.  I would like to thank all reading this for their thoughts and prayers for us and him that night! We needed them, as it is never easy on parents when their little one is hurt or sick. 

Thanksgiving this year was so great. We have 4 Thanksgivings and 4 Christmases. Yes, 4. We love all the family time we get, but as you can guess we are SO exhausted by the end of the holidays!

Thanksgiving actually started for us last Sunday at my dads. Our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner was with Mike's dad on Wednesday night. A brown sugar glazed ham. So so good!

Thanksgiving Day started with some eating of breakfast and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! It's a tradition every year and Landon watched part of it laying on my belly! :)

Our 3rd Thanksgiving took place mid day at my mother/father in-laws. We have so much fun at this one, because Landon has 13 cousins and counting! He plays NON-STOP. A lot of the other cousins were napping. Not Landon....

Our 4th Thanksgiving took place at my moms. It's the first year that she has hosted our immediate family and she did such a beautiful job! Look at this spread! 

Mike said "It's almost too perfect to eat off of" & I had to agree! The epitome of a Thanksgiving table in my eyes. 

I just love this picture, because he still looks like a baby! 

The 4th Thanksgiving ended like this! Who sleeps that way??

I hope you all enjoyed your turkey/ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, pecan/pumpkin pie, and some warm mulled wine! Yum! We are still polishing off the between Christmas shopping sprees, that is! 

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