Monday, December 2, 2013

{weekend in review}

This past weekend was spent at the lake and Christmas shopping.  I love a good girls {and Landon} weekend at the lake. 

On Friday morning at about 9:30 we loaded up my mom's car.  Landon's bag, my bag, and the diaper bag and headed to the lake.  Ah, my happy place :). Yes, even in the winter, maybe even more so.  It's so quiet and peaceful in the winter and fall. 

When we got there, we decided that we just wanted to relax and NOT go shopping on Friday. Landon and his mommy are always so happy when we get to the lake.  Grandma and Landon enjoyed some peace and quiet before the fun!

Landon woke us up bright and early on Saturday morning.  He was totally out of his element sleeping in the California King. We could see the moon and the sun at the same time.  It was beautiful! Silver lining, I guess? This picture has some weird coloring but it really was so pretty! Thanks Landon!

When we finally rolled out of bed, it was to get some donuts, of course.  Isn't it weird that he likes powdered donuts? Not sure where he gets that from.  His grandma and I didn't down a whole bag, did we........? Oh wait.....

We did some lounging around {that's what the lake's good for} and read some mags, listened to Landon name all of his farm animals {Baaaa, Moooo, Yee Haw- that's the cowboy's name apparently} then went to the other side of the lake for some serious Christmas shopping.  

My mom: "So where do you want to go first?"
Me: "Hmmm"
My mom: "I think I need a Target fix...."
Me: "Yes, please"

I mean, if we aren't the same person.....seriously.  It's scary, sometimes.

I gave myself a couple of early Christmas presents, too! Loving the way my Christmas outfit is coming together.  I have had my eye on this shirt FOREVER for about two weeks and thought it was sold out! It is online, and I found it at the lake in the J. Crew outlet.  Talk about lucky!! The whole store was 50% off too! I got both of my brothers some gifts from there. Can we talk about how much I love J.Crew, the absolute best!

shirt  /  belt {similar here}

That. Screams. Festive.  Right up my alley :)

On Sunday, it was time for some organizing and wrapping.  We always go crazy at Carter's and this time was no exception, with the whole store at 50% off! We wrapped all of Landon's Carter's clothes together.  My favorite piece, you may ask? This coverall, and he's not even getting it for Christmas. We are going with Mike's side of the family to the Great Wolf Lodge in early January as a big family trip! How perfect is this???? It's actually a really light gray, not sure why it looks brown in this photo. And it is so cozy feeling! Love a cozy little baby. Yes, he is still my baby. 

We built a fort complete with a sleeping bag, and some munchies and just had fun, in our jams of course! 

When we were leaving Landon spotted our family on canvas and I couldn't help but post this sweet video...

Then left at about 4 so we could get home and see the hubs/dad when he got home from the Chief's game {the thing we don't like to talk about...}

And now my birthday week begins! I'm so looking forward to another short work week and my birthday dinner at La Bodega on Saturday!

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