Friday, December 6, 2013

{favorites friday}

My favorites from the past couple of weeks:

1. This pop-up popcorn bowl by Orville! Have I literally been living under a rock? This is genius & like I said on my Instagram "No more buttery knuckles!":

2. This is a 2-for-1: The Starbucks RED cup for winter! Yay! My first one of the season I am having right now! Can you believe it? Also, my red festive nails. This particular color is especially my favorite. It is OPI Red My Fortune Cookie! Love this simple red for the season.

3. Washi tape - to make your Christmas envelopes festively Christmas of course! I added a cute piece of tape to every one of our Christmas cards that went out today! And of course went a little overboard with the doodling.....

4. Victoria's Secret - newest obsession - the fireside long jane pajamas from Victorias Secret! I've got to give them credit. With the fashion show {and a girls night with wine and yummies in our pjs} coming up on Tuesday, I can't help but express my love for this brand and their Pink yoga pants and comfies {jammies}. Softest ever pjs! My husband bought me these ones for an early birthday present and I got the yoga pants and another set of flannel jams from my in-laws. Love!

I hope you enjoyed your week & we're on to another weekend! Getting closer to Christmas! We are planning on celebrating my birthday at La Bodega {my fav} with some tapas and a Spanish coffee tomorrow night! Can't wait!

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