Sunday, December 8, 2013

{birthday weekend recap}

Neither Mike or I worked on Friday, so we woke up, chilled at home, I did some shopping while Landon slept. Ran out to get some festive paper straws & washi tape {because I love both of them} at JoAnn, and some more PJs. It seems I can't get enough of the darn PJs lately! It's all I want to wear! Can't wait to wear comfies all day long! We then went to Metro North and let the baby run around and ride the choo choo! We closed out the night by watching the 'Yes, Virginia' special and then Frosty the Snowman while Landon devised a tree destruction plan in between watching said movies...

My hubby made a delicious dinner and we made a pallet on the floor which is becoming more and more of a nightly thing for us. 

Saturday, morning, my birthday! Flowers from Landon, a candle from Calvin & my favorite pear cider from my honey {I always tell my husband to get me nothing for my birthday - it's so close to Christmas and we are running out of ideas!}. I also made some yummy peppermint mocha {with way too much whipped cream, but not for ME!}

Landon was a super strange sleeper that day. Slept from 9-7 {normal} then a nap from 8:15-10:45ish then out to brunch at 54th street, then another nap from 3-6! He never sleeps like that! He's either going through a growth spurt or getting sick. Let's hope it's not the 2nd one, but we have no fever! Such a pretty sleeper....

Then we had dinner reservations at LaBodega {favorite!} for my birthday! It did not disappoint! We had our normal tapas, a couple pitchers of the yummiest Sangria, and topped it off with the deconstructed cheesecake and a couple Spanish coffees for dessert - which were extra good, might I add! I think it was the extra cinnamon the waiter added.
Landon loved watching the making of a Spanish coffee as we all do {and the smell is delish}! 

I can't wait to celebrate again on Thursday with my girlfriends in our PJs for the VS fashion show, which we are taping and watching then because my bestie came down with a nasty case of Bronchitis :(

 Sunday morning, church, then home into our cozies! 

While Landon napped we watched the game at our house, then went over to my moms at halftime for Chili! Yum! She had Christmas music playing on the record player, and it was decorated to the 9s for the upcoming holiday. 

We proceeded to build a pallet on the floor and watch A Cristmas Story! I also got some time to sift through the Williams-Sonoma magazine! I have officially decided that my work friends are getting homemade Peppermint Bark using the WS recipe for Christmas! Yum!

 The end {of a fun weekend}!


  1. LOVE your white slipper booties... where did you find them/what brand are they? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jenna! They are by Dearfoam from Kohls online :)