Thursday, December 12, 2013

{A Toddler's Christmas List}

I don't like toys! It can't be just me, right? I am slightly crazy when it comes to toys in the house. If a stranger were to walk into our house, they probably wouldn't know that a child lives here. Baskets. Everywhere. Seriously. Hide the toys! So if at all possible, I try to get him little to no toys. Trust me, he gets along just fine.  For storage, we have 1 huge basket in the corner of the living room basement now because of the Christmas tree and 2 small baskets in the entertainment center, full of toys.  All hidden. Amen!

He's not being deprived of his childhood, not one little bit!  We're from the school of: "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read".  It keeps things simple and sweet.  Just the way we like it!  It's a good philosophy to follow for all kinds of gift giving.  Of course we will do stockings as well with small gifts but just as a general gift buying guide and to keep from going overboard, we stick to this. 

This is a glimpse of what Landon's Christmas List looks like this year, from mommy and daddy {Santa} :) He will get totally spoiled by all of his grandparents, just like he always does. It pays to be the first grand baby... Just a few nights ago, I heard both grandma's say, wait until you see what you're getting for Christmas....uh oh.....

Many of the things on here Santa has already had his elves make for Landon the others are on his wish list :)

Looking good, right? I plan on totally revamping the Ikea play table & chairs, painting it all white and maybe a chalkboard top or a roll of paper on the underside that can roll along the top for coloring. Maybe white with gold dipped legs! Can't wait for the finished product! And I can't believe we don't already have these Dr. Suess books with all the ones we do have.  We love Dr. Suess here and of course, you have to read it in a super silly voice to get the right effect! Nothing beats Landon looking up at us with that ear-to-ear Charlie Brown grin when we are reading to him. We've got a little book worm on our hands, methinks!

Of course, you and I both know the gifts aren't the true meaning of Christmas {we did get Landon the book The Christmas Story, just like the The Easter Story one we got him at Easter & we plan to read him the Nativity Bible verses out of our Bible} but the gifts really do make it so fun for a child & you don't have to spend a lot.

I'm loving the "Want, Need, Wear, Read rule for gift-giving! Less is more. Happy Holidays! 

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