Sunday, December 15, 2013

{weekend recap}

Let me begin by saying there are lots of pics in this post, I got out my big girl camera FINALLY again this weekend - mainly because I always use it for the Santa visit -  and love the way photos turn out with it, but the phone is just so convenient. 

Friday night, we came home to a completely cooked meal in the crockpot! Chicken tacos! They were delish, seriously.  3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1 jar of picante sauce, and 1 taco seasoning packet.  The house smelled so good! I chopped up some lettuce and we sprinkled cheese and tons of sour cream, and you have yourself a simple little meal.  We didn't want to use our energy that night making dinner, we needed to save it for THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE MAKING! 

Yes, I used a kit.  Yes, I will always buy a kit.  It was perfect and $10 by Cobblestone Kitchens at World Market.  Came with the candies the icing that you just mixed with water, the icing bag and a tip to use and all the sides/roof of the house! We had  At first Landon was a bit fussy, but we found out it was because he wanted to participate, duh.  Once he was able to put some candies on eat some candy he was fine.  He kept trying to destroy my sidewalk, though.  Come on, man!

Such a good helper.  He was loving every minute.  For sure a tradition we will do every year. 

Saturday morning we let daddy sleep in, and we snuggled and ran around the house like crazies.  We even had a snack and dance party on the kitchen floor. 

Some details of the Christmas vignette in my kitchen - this tray is normally in the middle of the kitchen table, but the gingerbread house took it's place until after Christmas.  Love the live evergreen from my birthday bouquet from my husband :)

I can't get away from the iced coffee, so I made some on Saturday morning.  For some reason even though there is snow on the ground the iced hazelnut coffee is so good! I make it in the Keurig reusable cup into a stainless steel alcohol shaker, stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes, pour it over ice with some milk and sugar and voila! Yum in your mouth.  

Sunday, oh Sunday. I actually saw this quote on Facebook on Sunday and I loved it so much!

I have to agree & this past Sunday was definitely well spent! Went to church and then after we went to the Staley Country Club - where my in-laws, and hopefully soon we will belong - for Breakfast with Santa.  Landon didn't have a nap {and it turns out, he decided early on that he was going to totally boycott a nap on Sunday}.  He wanted to observe Santa but wanted NOTHING to do with sitting on his lap.  Meltdown city. Maybe next year......

He did have a fun time playing with the golf balls though or as he calls them "Aa BAWWL"

But he was still sweet with his daddy....

 & we got a really good family phone picture out of it :) I'm passionate about the good family pics....but you know that by now.

Have a great week, friends! 

I have some holiday baking planned this week to blog about and maybe a Christmas wish list for the ladies in you life {hint hint, Mr, Bozarth}

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