Wednesday, December 18, 2013

{santa, baby}

I really feel like I have everything I need and don't like to take any blessings for granted, but because I get asked for Christmas gift ideas, here it is.  First off, isn't it all so pretty? Looks like I have a thing for black, white and gold lately.  When we move, I'm going for a whole new look, a more modern, simple look at the new house & I think it has funneled into my clothing and things that I'm drawn to!

  A Christmas Wish List FULL of comfort and joy! That's exactly what this list is.

one   /   two   /   three   /   four {can't find anymore}  /   five   /   six   /   seven  /   eight   /   nine  

The bracelet has already come home with me, I just couldn't resist the price point! I LOVE it so much! The West Elm bag is awesome but they have a couple cheaper options too, that I may like better & you can get them all monogrammed! Always a plus in my book!

I hope you enjoyed it and maybe this will give you some ideas for yourself or someone you know :)

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