Friday, December 20, 2013

{favorites friday}

1. Candy Cane Christmas - Sweet as it can be.  The song that is! I have been annoying my husband listening to this song on repeat {with some other songs mixed in between}.  It's my perfect Christmas song! Isn't it just the cutest? Not to mention, I've always LOVED Darius Rucker. That, and the newly discovered Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Lady Antebellum! Love that one too.  They have been playing non-stop once I overplayed got sick of my other playlist! I'm getting so excited for Christmas, you guys! It's next week!

2. Peppermint Bark - I made this yumminess last night for a Christmas treat for my coworkers! Delish -  the addicting kind of delish!  I of course used the Williams-Sonoma recipe that I found on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and totally pinned the shiz out of, however mine turned out a bit "marble-y' due to the fact that I was being impatient and didn't totally let the dark chocolate dry before pouring the white chocolate on top.  And you know what, I just don't care, because it still tastes every BIT at good as the WS version.  And I like it better because it didn't cost an arm & a leg :) I will do a baking post this weekend - although it's not really baking, other than the Christmas sugar cookies - about the recipes I used and such for the treats that we've made lately. 

3. PJs - OK, you can never have enough Comfies.  Can I get an AMEN? It seems lately for some reason, I'm obsessed! Maybe it's the cold or maybe it's finally the casual mom in me coming out - either way, I like them!  I think the VS Fireside Long Jane's are my all time fav & they're on sale NOW!

4. Mason jar s'mores & girls nights- so I brought these to our girls night last Thursday. They looked adorable. At the last minute I added a fun festive red paper straw under each of the cups string. We pulled them out and put them in our sherbert champagne! 

And girls nights, well sometimes you just need 4 hours of dumb careless, slightly tipsy laughter with your best friends, some champs, lasagna & cupcakes all in your pjs on a Thursday night. My best friend had gotten engaged the night before and we were also celebrating my birthday :) It was a great night. Thank you, God, for girlfriends. And girls nights... :)

I hope you are getting excited for the Christmas fun that's coming your way shortly! It sure snuck up this year, right? This weekend will surely be a weekend of hustle & bustle for us! And I love every minute! Our first Christmas at my dad's is actually this Sunday! I can't wait - Also, my holiday baking/Christmas treat making will be next up! Can't wait to share my yummy snacks with you!

Tis the season! 

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