Friday, November 22, 2013

{favorites Friday}

1. Buffalo check everything - I just bought this shirt but adult sized {this one's actually girls size} and instead of lace it's sequins on the black part on the shoulders {with a store credit that I have literally had FOREVER}, and love it with a passion!! I have my eye on some buffalo check Christmas gifts for family  too.....What says winter more than tartan and red/black buffalo check? I mean besides sleet and snow.....
shirt {similar to the one I bought, but mini sized}

2. Biscoff spread - Have you tried this stuff?? If not, run, don't walk to the store....So so good.  It's like peanut butter, but it's made of Biscoff cookies! You know the one's on the airplanes that you ask for seconds of? Why does food taste so much better on an airplane? My mom one time liked the peanut mix so much on an airplane that she kept the package and ordered a super sized box of it. In her defense, it was pretty good..... I usually eat Biscoff on toast, or in place of peanut butter on my apples, or off of a spoon, kind of like my whipped cream addiction.  I may need a sweet intervention.

3. Fleece tights - I have had these since I worked at Von Maur & I still LOVE them.  I wear them all the time and they hold up beautifully! I found out that they are still available on the VM website! They are perfect for keeping your legs warm in winter while still looking cute with boots or flats and they don't feel bulky at all.  Genius!

4. Next week is Thanksgiving {!} - Gobble Gobble! I love the week of Thanksgiving that's coming up.  First, it's a short work week! Who can complain about that?? For someone that loves food, Thanksgiving is a GREAT holiday.  I also love watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and the Plaza Lights and of course the family time is my favorite! Traditions, traditions! We are doing Thanksgiving with my dad/stepfamily on Sunday while watching the Chiefs, then will have 2 Thanksgivings on Thursday! Oh the anticipation of all the yumminess! My belly will be happy & I can't wait to watch Landon throw his mashed potatoes and stuffing everywhere #SaidNoMomEver

Happy Friday, everyone! Make it a great day :) I have a short work week for the next 2 weeks and my husband is basically off for the next 20 days! We are excited for some family time!! 

*A note on my posts * I've made an executive decision that going forward I'm going to do my favorites Friday list every 2 weeks, so the posts aren't on top of each other! Thank goodness for the new Blogger app with all the posting I've been doing lately, I get most of them done on my lunch break ;)

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