Sunday, November 10, 2013

{weekend recap}

Fall is in full force and the holiday season is here! How beautiful does our street look? This photo was taken on Friday. Gorgeous and totally screams fall to me. Happy to live where there are lots of trees! 

Our weekend of course started on Friday night. We had my dad and step-mom over as well as Mike's dad to listen - yes, I said listen - to the KU game. The game was blacked out on TVand I think we had the 2 maddest KU fans right in our house. Yikes! At least they won...

Anyway, they brought over KFC and while everyone was hanging out in the living room, Landon was just playing with his cars and being cute. 

My step-mom and dad brought over these "car car" {said whispering, if you're Landon} and he was obsessed! I mean did not stop playing with them the whole night. Isn't that the sweetest baby face you ever did see. I still can't believe its been 16 months since he was kicking my ribs and giving me terrible heartburn :)

Saturday, we slept in until 7....I know right? How sad that's sleeping in, now. Anyway, it was a nana and waffle for Tater tot and some morning cartoons as usual. Then, it was a kiss for daddy because he had to go to work and a nap for Landon.  That's our sweet pup, Cal laying watch outside of his door like he has done since Landon was born. 

Is it weird that I always have to pick out some really dressy outfit to go shopping? Why is that? I never go shopping in sweatpants or anything remotely casual. I had to post my outfit of the day (OOTD for my Instagram peeps), because I love love love it! 

Sweater{Sold out}/boots

Then it was - wait for it...- CHRISTMAS shopping! If you want to call it that. It was my mom, Mike's mom, Landon and I. I love having the support of both of these lovely ladies when we're out. It's nice to shift the toddler duties to people that are so willing to help! Oh and I think I forgot to mention, Landon loathes shopping. I'm talking complete and utter hot mess meltdown when the doors to Nordies open. That is NOT an exaggeration. So getting him through this shopping extravaganza was a little rough. He made it mostly unscathed, and I will remember next time we go shopping, that Mike needs to watch him :)

I got a couple Christmas pressies and stocking stuffers for Mike and Landon got some Converse's from Grandma Kathy and my mom bought me some CUTE shoes as a birthday present for me. They were on sale too! I think they would look so cute with black leggings and a slouchy gray or dark green sweater this winter.  Maybe even for Christmas!


Back to the baby. 

Where's my shopping baby, the one that doesn't scream at the top of his lungs because we won't let him walk into the shoe stockroom?! Seriously. That happened. He did have some fun though. They had a little coloring/craft table with snacks on it for the kiddos! Brilliant! Please ignore all the bruises on his head. He took a nasty spill in Nebraska Furniture Mart earlier that day. Poor guy!

Saturday night it was a comfort food dinner night. It was cold out and we were all snuggled in the basement. We had a delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup {totally my go-to meal, an all time fav}. We stopped buying the normal loaves of bread and now buy the Italian Bread loaves in the deli section. Makes for an extra delish grilled cheese! 

And of course, a meal is not complete without dessert. Super easy but healthy? Maybe a little. Only because of the apple, but I think the peanut butter/choc chip combo probably would cancel it out.  It's still a winner over here! Peanut butter chocolate chip can thank me later. 

Easiest recipe in the history of recipes: 

1 Honeycrisp apple sliced & diced {only becaus I have a toddler that's addicted to this as well} 

A couple large scoops of peanut butter in a coffee mug - melted {normally about 40 seconds in the microwave}

Mini chocolate chips added to the top, as many as your little heart desires. 

Our hearts desire a lot of chocolate chips over here. It is ooey gooey goodness! The peanut butter melts the chocolate chips and it's heaven! Oh and it's really fun to clean off of a toddler's hands when he digs the last apples out of the bowl.

Sunday - No Chiefs game so we have dad all to ourselves! We went to church at 9 like normal, then went and ran some errands at Sam's. Did you guys know they have fleece Carter's pajamas for cheap!? I professed my love for footie jams in this post. Landon will totally be rocking these footie jams on Christmas eve.  Still planning on wrapping some jammies and a movie and some snacks like a pretzel/marshmallow/teddy graham/raisin trail mix for him to snack on while we watch the movie and make Santa's cookies!

We hung out at the in-laws for a bit.  As you can see in the hour that we were there Hurricane Landon came rolling through.  The damage was pretty bad. 

hoodie - sold out/similar here and here

 We then went to a couple open houses around their house and met our realtor at a couple of models to check the progress! Landon cracks me up in these spaces that have so much room to run around in! He will be happy when we move :)

We ended up having dinner at the in-laws with some wine and laughter! A GREAT way to end our weekend!