Saturday, February 1, 2014

{playroom ideas}

Lately, I am so excited to put a playroom together. We don't quite have a house yet {or our house quite sold, for that matter} but I think the idea of a room where creativity and imagination can bloom in your little ones is never a bad idea!

In my eyes, {and I'm sure Landon's} there are 4 requirements for a successful playroom:

1. A tee-pee - To play make believe and to read in.  Maybe have a sleepover or two in....
2. A chalkboard wall - Of course and for obvious reasons! What kid doesn't like coloring with chalk?
3. A table to color and play cars on - Ours is from Ikea but there are tons of cute options out there.  I dipped the legs myself, it didn't come that way {see my picture in the inspiration board below}
4. Books - Lots and lots of books! Books on shelves on the wall! We have no shortage of books at our house!

I have a pretty good idea of what this room looks like in my mind so I just needed to get it onto a little inspiration board! While it's snowy out today, and while my babe naps I decided to make myself an iced coffee and put a quick one together! Maybe it will make up for the Favorites Friday post that I neglected to do yesterday ;)

ONE  /  TWO  /  THREE  /  FOUR  /  FIVE  /  SIX  /  SEVEN  /  EIGHT  /  NINE 

P.S. I got an email for an additional 50% off of all sale at Gap today if you can brave the weather. Don't mind if I do ! 

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