Sunday, February 2, 2014

{pre-valentines day fun & our weekend}

So I know Valentine's Day is still about 2 weeks away, but I love this holiday! A holiday all about love and kindness. My cup of tea! My mother has literally every cookie cutter ever made & so I stole some V-Day ones from her. We love the same things obviously. I plan on making pancakes and cookies and possibly sandwiches with these. This weekend was just a precursor to the holiday fun!

Saturday, since Mike went into work Landon and I cleaned.  Well I cleaned and Landon messed up everything immediately mommies know how that goes, am I right? I took this pic while I was showing him how mama blows bubbles. His reaction was classic! He tried it too...with slobber. 

 We had breakfast at my grandpas with my mom, brother and his girlfriend {love her!} and then I snuck out and braved the cold to head to BabyGap and get all the cutest things for and extra 50% off! And a couple presents for some parties that we had coming up at Target. Did you know Target now sells paper straws, like a lot of them in every color of the rainbow! They are over by the bags and cards & party supplies for $2-3 a bag! I tried to find a reason why I needed the gold and silver striped but I could see my husband on my shoulder asking me why I keep buying straws. So I settled for the black polka dot! 

Sarurday evening, we went to a little 'sip and see' for our friends whose sweet daughter Willa June arrived earlier this month.  It was a good time and we were ready for bed once we got home!

On Sunday, it was a slow rising, stay in your jams and cuddle all mornin kind of day. I'm sure you have those every now and then. We wake up so early over here that, we got to cuddle for a couple of hours before we had anything to do.  It was a major cleaning day for us, but I feel like every day is when you are trying to sell your house with a toddler. Typically Landon is fine with chillin' in his crib {literally} with his toys and books and this day it was just his stuffed animals, so while we were cleaning, we peeked in. He was having a serious conversation with Mr. Sheep, I think it was something about a choo choo and a nana....

Regardless, it was super cute! Made me smile. 

While cleaning, I decided to make some festive cinnamon rolls for my guys! They turned out adorable and I got to use my moms XO and hearts cookie cutters! 

We went to our friends daughters birthday party after that. Sunday night, well you all know what that was! SUPER BOWL! This crazy kid was super busy at the party and kept walking around with a bucket on his head. Yup, that's our boy! 


  1. Love the straws! What kind of container are they in and where do I get one?? So cute

    1. Thanks Whitney! I got the container at Target too! It is a utensil/napkin holder. I think it's sold out, but they have a cute basket material one too!