Monday, September 15, 2014

{39 weeks + 2 days}

How far along? 39 weeks - could this be the last update?!
Total weight gain/loss: OK back up to 36 lbs. I guess the doctor was a little off last visit...darn.
Maternity clothes?  No, can't you tell? Thank Heaven for long camis at a time like this! People at Ikea were looking at me like I was a freak of nature. At this point I'm trying to walk her out!!
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: It's not the greatest but I had better get used to it.
Best moment this week: My mother took some awesome last minute maternity photos on Sunday, and I love them! Here is a sneak peek but I share more in this blogpost! 

We are still gradually getting settled into our new home. We have been to numerous stores and keep finding things we still need. We finally got our sod laid this past week, so my husband has been diligently watering the sh*% out of it! 

I also made a trip out to Ikea with my mother and mother-in-law while my husband worked on Saturday. Needless to say he has been and will keep being busy putting together stuff for the house. Here's what we purchased: kitchen table and 6 chairs including 2 covers for the end chairs, a dresser for our room, 2 nightstands for our room, a shelf for our cable box to go on, 4 wall bookshelves for the kids rooms & the playroom, a Ranarp pendant light for over the sink and one for over the kitchen table {we did builders grade and then I spotted ones I LOVED online at Ikea} I bought the last Ranarp small pendant light there!! 

Oh and I can't forget their pear sparkling cider and their famous cinnamon rolls which we ate before church on Sunday as a family at our new kitchen table! I would also like to add my father-in-law FIXED OUR KEURIG! So it is up and running praise The Lord! That was a rough couple of days!

My husband worked so hard on Saturday night to get the table done and I have to say, it could not be more perfect in our little breakfast nook! That man is amazing!

Good job babe! It's so light and breezy in our kitchen! He has so much patience which you sort of have to with Ikea instructions {aka no words :)} if you are curious this is the Ingatorp table with the Ingasole chairs {4} and the chairs on the end are the Henriksdal chairs with the linen cover. It is Velcro and comes off for washing! Perfect for families with kids! 

Last night he finished the Hemnes dresser which we bought for our bedroom under the TV and one of the matching 2 drawer end tables that we're using as nightstands. I asked if I could help but he said for me to just relax & so that's exactly what I'm doing with a glass of pear sparkling cider :)

Missing anything? Maybe being able to paint my toenails? I don't love pedicures, only because my feet are so ticklish, I find myself laughing awkwardly during them. But now I literally can't reach my toes. I got gel on my fingers on Friday and was planning to get a pedicure on Saturday with my mom but Ikea got in the way.
Movement: Yes, but she is definetly running out of room as witnessed in the last sonogram.
Food cravings: Ikea's pear sparkling cider and I bought a case of LaCroix Coconut and have been drinking that like CRAZY! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: We were both convinced that last night we were going to the hospital. I timed my contractions and they were pretty consistently 5 minutes a part for almost 2 hours. I did not want to go in and then be sent home though so I put my hair up, took a jacuzzi bath and listened to some calming music and wouldn't you know if, they went away... :( 
Belly Button in or out? out
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! We are ready for our little girl whenever she decides it's right for her to come! We feel so blessed to be settled into our new home! I plan to do a home tour once she arrives too!
Looking forward to: This week and seeing how it all will transpire. I sort of like the unknown as far as this goes. I am hoping we don't have to induce, but we did schedule it for next Monday 9/22. I will be 40 weeks 1 day. I got a little emotional when scheduling it for some reason. But that's pretty much every day now :) 


  1. Your maternity pictures are so simple and beautiful! I am also in love with your white table and that floor - such a great contrast! Wishing you the best over the next week, your almost there. I look forward to seeing you become a family of 4 :)


  2. First of all, I am in awe of how busy you're staying, despite being 39 weeks! I hope that I'm as active as you are, when I get to that point!!! (I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow).
    Secondly, I absolutely LOVE the breakfast nook!!! :)