Sunday, September 14, 2014

{maternity photos}

Oh, the 2nd born child! We have yet to install her car seat into either of our cars, the pictures in her room are not hung, but we kind of have an excuse there (moving). I will say, her hospital bag is officially packed - one of my favorite things to do and I have a post planned this week for that. I would like to add that I am now over 39 weeks. Translation=any day now. 

With Landon I followed all the rules of swelling after 36 weeks {no maternity photos after then}, his car seat was installed LONG before I went into labor, his nursery was done by that time as well. 

Luckily, I haven't swollen in the face AS much as I did with Landon...yet. I had my mother come over and in about 20 minutes she got some cute pics so that we can remember this time when I was pregnant with baby girl. 

My husband actually had the idea. He said to me one day "Kailey, you really need to take some pictures to commemorate your pregnancy with her" to which I said "I do, selfies...." Oh those don't count? He said he didn't think it was fair that with Landon, I had 2 separate maternity sessions and still had done none with her. 

She should feel just as special. It got me thinking and then moving got in the way. I was hoping I would make it past 39 weeks so we could take some photos at our new home. More specifically in our new {amazing} bed!

Landon has a thing with pulling on his nipples lately...I don't know....if we tell him to stop he says "My dipples!". Ooookkkkaaayy.?

I guess they'll do for an impromptu Sunday session with my mom...just kidding she did amazing right?? I'm so lucky to have her photography skills for times like this & can't wait to frame a couple of these :) 


  1. Beautiful photos!

    XO Kelly

  2. You are soooo gorgeous!!!! And these pics came out so well! :)