Monday, September 8, 2014

{38 weeks}

How far along? 38 weeks! So close!
Total weight gain/loss: 2 lbs since last week. He said I'm in the 75% for weight gain! Yikes! Hopefully it comes off as quickly as I put it on....we also had a sonogram today to do a weight check for her. They are measuring her at 7.14 lbs. she's on pace to be over 8 lbs....
Maternity clothes? Ok so the fact that I'm not wearing maternity clothes is beginning to get a little difficult to work with....Fact: I wore my husbands pool/beach tank top yesterday with a tank that used to be a tank but that miraculously turned into a sports bra with my belly underneath. #PregnantGirlProblems

Stretch marks? no 

Sleep: Amazing! Something turned & sleep has been awesome! Maybe it's the fact that Landon has been sleeping SO well in his big boy bed as evidenced by the capture from Saturday morning and we finally feel somewhat settled into our new home, that might I add I think I said 50 times to my husband "I just love this house, it's absolutely PERFECT!!!" this weekend. I am glad even with all the problems that we waited for exactly what we wanted!

Best moment this week: moving into our house of course! 
Miss Anything? My best friend brought me some alcohol removed wine this weekend that seriously went down like water. I cannot wait to have some fall beers and wine, in moderation of course because I will be breast feeding.
Movement: Yes, but she is slowing down. I feel like I've been pregnant forever but I know I will miss being pregnant soon.... I saw this on Pinterest today and couldn't help but laugh..

Food cravings: 7 layer dip from our mini moving/Chiefs party this weekend. There's not too much room in this girl for much food lately but I find myself hungry all the time!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth. 
Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: Pregnancy waddle, lower back and just random pains everywhere. 
Belly Button in or out? out.
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! So excited to have the kids rooms in order and am ready for baby girl any time now! We did some serious moving this weekend. I can't believe what all can get done when you have the help of your friends and family. They did so awesome! They all know we are on a time crunch here :) here are some random snaps from over the weekend. 

Dreaming of winter nights in front of the fireplace snuggled up with our little family.

Landon's big boy bed that he's doing so well in, room tour to come soon!

Roh roh! Landon climbing into sisters bed. This could be bad...

My Sarurday night in bed with my boys, and the Ikea catalog.

Some little fall decorations came out this weekend.

Our amazingly comfy new bed!

This child seriously is so HAPPY to have a space that he can run circles in! The first night, he was running around screaming out of pure excitement - I know he knows that this is our new home. Makes me so happy :)
Looking forward to: The last couple weeks as a family of 3 and getting totally settled into our new abode :) Today we were asked if I want to be induced as I can as early as next weekend & I am a big believer in not inducing, unless if get over 40 weeks! I say let the baby come on it's own if you can!


  1. I'm 28 weeks right now... I hope that I look half as great as you, when I reach 38 weeks!!! :) You look awesome!