Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{Friday favorites}

The theme for this post should probably be fall. 

I mean, how cute are these shoes for the fall for Landon? Target does it again people! I can't wait for him to wear these with some dark skinny jeans and some thermal shirts layered with a vest. Already planning the look for our Christmas photos! 

Speaking of Target, they have been killing it lately! I saw these blankets there the other day & went home and could not stop thinking about them! I was thinking how perfect one would be in our sweet girls nursery and maybe one for our new living room. How cute are those pom poms?!

They were on sale for $18.99 and had an additional 20% off with the cartwheel app making them close to $15. A steal in my opinion because they are SO SO soft!!! I ended up buying two of them, one in a wild orchid/purple color (girls nursery) and the white/cream one for the living room. Landon and I had some snuggle time while trying out his sisters blanket the other night. It kept us very warm :) 

Let's be honest, I won't have any time once the baby arrives to pamper myself, I'm going to get Shellac a week or so before baby is due. Well that's the plan, so that hopefully I won't have to do any maintenance on them for a while. I have been obsessing over this color because as far as I'm concerned FALL IS HERE! And this color, well, it screams FALL! It is called Dark Lava, I can't wait to try it out! 

Sparkling Pumpkin Cider Beertail. What
about this name is not intriguing?! I recently found this recipe on Pinterest, I can't say it's technically a favorite...yet, but you can bet your bottom after baby girl arrives, this is on the top of my priority list. We have had a very stressful couple of months and weeks building a house and numerous times I found myself saying "I need a drink"! 

On another drink front, I have been making these just about every other day, and I am literally obsessed with the taste and how simple these are to make! The one I make is a Caramel Vanilla Frappucino. It is so good, go make one now & you can thank me later! 


Fill blender with:

A bunch of ice cubes - 2 cups maybe one. I didn't really measure.
1 cup of fresh brewed Folgers caramel drizzle coffee 
1/3 packet of vanilla pudding powder
Splash of milk. 

Blend on Frappe setting if available. Pour into a cute cup with a cute straw {not optional in my opinion} top with whipped cream {also not optional in my opinion} and ENJOY!

It tastes just like something you would get at Starbucks but maybe a little better because it's not clearing out your pocketbook with every sip ;)

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