Monday, September 1, 2014

{37 weeks and 3 days}

I decided to do weekly updates now that we hit the doc weekly. We also have so much going on that I thought it would be nice to keep everyone in the loop! Here goes:

How far along? 37.5 weeks - 3cm dialated & 80% effaced.
Total weight gain/loss: well the doc this appointment said only 29 lbs. I'm going with it!
Maternity clothes? Nope, and my non maternity clothes are getting pret-ty tight...this is one of my fav Gapfit Breath tops. So comfy and grows with a belly nicely :) I think I need one in every color for this fall/winter.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: What's that? 
Best moment this week: A 3 day weekend gave us a chance to get all of our stuff at my moms and Mike's brothers packed up and ready to go! I also was able to get mine and Baby girls hospital bags packed, complete with a couple fun knick nacks for our Landon as a big brother gift from the new baby. 

Landon soaked up the sun with his cousins and my in-laws which gave us the free time to pack it all up quickly. We also made a trip to Home Depot for a garage door opener which the builder does not install and some necessities for our yard, because we are having the sod laid in the near future, hopefully {the builder has not yet laid it, but we are closing anyway, so we can have the inside ready before baby arrives...}. The forecast looks rainy for at least the next 10 days and I think he is worried about the sod getting too much rain. We have a pretty steep walk out lot, so it could be bad to get too much water. 

It's funny the things you get excited about as a homeowner, but we got these awesome hoses that expand when water is in them and retract so small when there is no water. Pretty awesome, my father-in-law introduced us to them, and we are very excited that we got the last ones at the store! Obviously some others like them too :)

I would say it was a productive long weekend which we needed! 
Miss Anything? Sleep? I guess that ship has sailed....
Movement: yes, most of what I feel now is feet, elbows, and a baby booty. It's larger scale movements. She is definetly cramped in there. The sonogram on Monday will tell us just how big she is, so we are looking forward to that. 
Food cravings: wine and iced coffee 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, but I wake up at about 3am starving even after eating a ton for dinner! Normally it's a bowl of Cheerios and orange juice for the 3am craving.
Gender: Girl
Symptoms: Lower back pain. Uncomfortable. She has the hiccups ALL THE TIME. Also, please note in the photo above, the facial swelling has begun again. Just when I thought I could beat it! 
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? on but getting tighter
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: We close on our house TODAY and will start moving stuff in tomorrow or tonight! Eek! I can't believe it's actually here. It makes me kind of emotional because it has been a long road and we have had so many obstacles in the process.  We were such troopers through the sale of our old house and the building of our new one. I can't believe it will be ours finally in just a few short hours! 

If the baby doesn't arrive first, I plan to do a post about our first week in our new home. 

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