Thursday, December 18, 2014

{Bozarth Family Christmas Tree}

This year we brought the Christmas tree up from the basement and we were surprised at how little bitty it looks in our new living tree time.  We can go up about a foot and out about a foot on each side! As you can see, our ceilings are MUCH taller than at our old house.  We still had fun putting it up and decorating it:

We decided to live with it this year for the simple fact that I didn't want to take all the lights/ribbon/ornaments off that I had put on.  Also, I plan on buying the new ornaments/tree decor AFTER Christmas when everything is on sale.  I have a CUTE plan for next years tree.  We are tired of all the silver.  We need a little more COLOR in our lives!  

I bring you red black and white.  It's not a really colorful tree {not quite there yet}, but HEY red is definitely a color!  Here are some ideas I have for next years tree, which we have decided will be a live tree. That we will cut down ourselves. I remember being younger and it snowing and going to cut down our tree, my dad tying it to the top of the car and then going into the tree farm shop for hot cocoa. I love those memories! I plan to purchase a live tree stand when they go on sale after Christmas as well:

I am loving this FA LA LA print and think it needs to be framed next year.  I also downloaded the print below when the painter was offering the free download for a few days on her website, but I didn't hang it in our house this year.  This will be used next year as well.

As you can see, I am utterly obsessed with all automobiles with trees on top! I think it screams Christmas to me! There was also a "Merry & Bright" red pillow that I have seen at Target & LOVED, but I can't find it online & didn't see it when my mom and I went {at 7am the day after Christmas}. I did however purchase all these goodies, some garland, a couple other ornaments and 2 cute miniature white trees for Harper Kate and Landon's room. 

Yes, you better believe we are using some old fashioned tinsel icicles, just like the ones used in A Christmas Story on our tree next year! And that felt mistletoe! It's perfect for in between our kitchen and living room! 

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