Monday, December 29, 2014

{Christmas 2014}

 We had such a wonderful Christmas this year, made even more full by the addition of Harper Kate. Landon really understood the meaning of Christmas this year and that definitely added to the fun of the season! 

Every night I read Landon The Christmas Story book so that he could begin to understand the reason for the season. He kept asking "What are dos angels doin'?" Or "That donkey yookin' at me!" But at least he is being exposed to this early on :) 

On Christmas Eve, we went to my moms house and had a big dinner and then opened gifts. I changed the kiddos into their matching jammies and snapped some cute pics of them. 

After the little ones went to sleep, Santas elves got to work...

Christmas morning we opened presents {while Harper Kate slept} with Landon and then Mikes dad, brother and his girlfriend came over for biscuits and gravy and to open presents :) 

Then we went to my mother-in-laws for most of the day. There are about 30 people at this Christmas and close to half are kids. It gets a little wild :) 

Landon hit the toy jackpot on Christmas getting a workbench with all kinds of tools and a took belt so he can "help" my husband around the house. He loves helping people when they come to do work at our house too. Like this guy that was installing our shutters a couple of weeks ago. 

Yep, brought his chair down and the whole bit. 

The greatest things {in my opinion} that he got for Christmas though were experiences! I told all the grandmas that he has a ton of toys, but if they could think of some gift ideas that are not toys that would be great. They came up with some awesome ideas! A platinum zoo membership, swimming lessons, a gift card to Fritz's were some of the things that they thought of. He will LOVE all three!!

He also of course got some racecars, a chalk/whiteboard, dinos, a pirate ship and some other fun toys. The addition of these toys meant that it was time to purge the playroom. I'm all for kids having lots of toys, but it was getting a bit cluttered. I don't like clutter, so we went through the toys together and got rid of some he no longer likes or plays with. 

Ahhhh, much more peaceful! 

Harper Kate hit the clothes jackpot, because what else do you get a baby that has no use for anything else yet? The grandmas were very good to her his year! These are just 1/2 of the cutest clothes that she got for Christmas! 

Christmas was wonderful this year! We celebrate 4 Christmas' with our families and that is the best part! The food being a close second. I could do without all the gifts and just spend time with family and that would be enough. I will say though, winter in Kansas City will be a lot better with our new snow blower ;).

All my Christmas decor came down yesterday, so now I have my eye on the Florida prize coming in just a few short weeks! 

Now, who's ready for SPRING?! 


  1. Sounds like such a great Christmas! And I love the alternative gift idea for Landon!

    Summer Ann

  2. Christmas is magical again when you have kids! Your two are just adorable in the matching PJs, and those red mugs are pretty stellar :)