Thursday, August 27, 2015

{just a basic fall post}

Hi! So glad you came to check out my all things fall post.  If liking fall is wrong then I don't want to be right.  Full steam ahead, folks! 

I have been non-stop talking to my husband and my kids about all things fall, so obviously I have to do a blogpost too on it right? I know, basic, but I like to think I'm just more verbal about it than others...

Here we have some of my early fall favorites.  Yes, this is early fall in my eyes. Next month is September, which equals Harper Kate's first birthday AND fall.  Plus, it was 60 degrees the other morning and it's currently chilly raining right now.  I told my friends that I think fall should be declared August 21st and go through to winter.  Everyone loves it the most anyway!  Here are some things that I've been crazy about lately!

First, is this amazing light jacket. I tried to find it online, but apparently it's not listed yet, so I took a selfie for your reference.  So stinking cute.  Perfect for summer into fall & is just my style!  Looked like it was brand new, they had every single size & multiples when I went, but you know how Target is.  If you don't get it when you see it, it's gone. I saw a fellow library mom in it on Wednesday & asked her where she got it.  She said I just bought it at Target the day before.  I feel like it is such a versatile piece! I also needed to get some more of my favorite tanks there anyway & was out of the best makeup eva, so off we went, me and my crew.  

Target also has some yummy fall snacks filtering in.  These were right by the front door & Landon had a meltdown about them, I always eat/use these for crafts so in the cart they went.  I'm a fan of candy corn, some people aren't.  I love them because to me they symbolize FALL! Such a classic, just like it says on the bag.  It's like a fall requirement to buy at least one bag.

Next up is this amazing coffee recipe that I tried this week. I've been trying to test out a few because I got sick of the one I was using.  This one is sooo good and I have enough to probably last me at least a week....if I have one glass a day.  I store the coffee and the syrup in mason jars (1 large 1 small) in the fridge. My taste in coffee is so finicky, it just depends on what I feel like when I wake.  Sometimes it's hot coffee to warm the soul & other times it's iced that I drink super quick! I have a whole coffee board on Pinterest that you can check out here! You totally should, too!

And, lastly, our tree out front.  It's turning colors! Leaves are falling off & almost totally gone now! It's one of the early fall signs.  It turns super early, last year when we moved in the tree had already turned by the first week in September.  Which reminds me, we have almost lived here for a whole YEAR! I can't believe it! We need to open the bottle of wine that the builder gave us! 

Cheers to fall & our year houseiversary!

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