Monday, August 24, 2015

{trip to the orchard}

The weather has been tricking us with all of the cool mornings lately, our neighbors even have their windows open!! As much as I love the fresh air coming in, when it gets to be in the 80s mid-day, I just can not deal :).  Because it is definitely early-fall, we made a very impromptu trip to an orchard that we have never been to before.  They grow all their own apples, peaches and such! It's called Sibley Orchard, we picked up loads of peaches because they are SO delicious right now & some apple butter prepping for fall & I snapped some pics along the way.  

My phone is on the fritz, so I haven't been on it nearly as much {mainly because I can't swipe to unlock & the keyboard is all messed up, started this weekend and my hubby is bringing me a new one tonight!} and have been using my big girl camera, which I love 1000x better than the phone camera anyway, it's just much more cumbersome for day-to-day!  Anyway, I'll do a quick photo rundown of our quick little trip to the orchard today.  We really just visited the store which has amazing preserves/maple syrups/local honey and of course what we came for - PEACHES! 

 Hope this post finds you excited for more orchard visits in the upcoming fall! Pumpkins, and apples and cider, OH MY! 

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