Monday, August 17, 2015

{this week's library favorites - aug 15}

Last week we checked out some good ones. Sometimes, I put books I want to read/read to the kids on hold at our local library. It is so convenient, because we just look on a certain shelf at the library and there are all of our books. Lined up and waiting for us! 

Also our library makes checking out and returning books fun for the kids. Maybe I'll take a pic next time and show you how it all works. It's pretty awesome!

Harper Kate got 4 books this week! She newly LOVES books! Most of the books above are ours, about 5 are the library's. I am beyond excited that she loves being read to now or at least likes the pictures. I was scared she wasn't a book worm like her brother. It's a tie of which is my favorite of hers. Because I am seriously obsessed with all things fall, I saw this book and thought it'd be perfect! Wouldn't you know she loves it? The crinkling leaves page is our favorite, behind the cuddling with daddy page with some warm apple pie...Mmm. Our other favorite is the Fairy Handbook which is a little advanced, but I read it To her and Landon one night before bed. I just have to introduce Fairies to my baby girl! She also got a first word book which is pictures but has always been a great learning tool for my babies.

Landon got Rude Cakes, which I though would be great at teaching manners, but I wasn't crazy about it. It wasn't as straightforward as I had hoped & he didn't really think it was funny. He did, however LOVE THE Incredible Book Eaing Boy. Questions galore, "Mama, why does he want to eat the book?" "Why is the book in his belly?" "So now he's smart?" "Should I eat books?" Nope. An added bonus was the bite taken out of the back of the book. So cute! We laughed about that one, and of course he tried to eat the corner after reading it...I'm sure he's not the first either...  :/ 

We also checked out a young readers version of The Wizard of Oz. He loved the movie (was a little scared of the flying monkeys) so I figured we should try a short chapter book. We read it over the course of a week! He would really get so excited to read it! It has a little built on bookmark too to keep your place.

We also checked out The Big Book of Feelings which got him talking about his feelings and thinking about them. I like this one because sometimes/always kids have trouble expressing their feelings. I always encourage Landon to express his feelings. When he's mad he says "Mom, I'm getting mad at my Legos!" And I like when he tells me rather than just throwing things or hitting people that way we can get to the bottom of it all.

Lastly, we got a fun easy read for both of the kids.  This Little Piggy, a twist on the old classic that's pretty cute.  

And that rounds up our library picks from this last week! We will finally be going to storytime this week on Wednesday!! Last week we decided instead to go to an event with my mom's group at a park with a little splash pad ;) I can't wait to get some more books for the kiddos!!

Now go and read to your babies! 

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  1. I love your pictures and that dresser is beautiful!