Sunday, September 6, 2015

{forever fall}

I love Forever 21 for inexpensive trendy pieces.  It really is hit or miss, and I don't typically go into the store here in Kansas City for obvious reasons. First and most important being that I am no longer 21.  Far from it actually.  I am closer to Forever 31 at this point. Yikes!  I do, however shop online and check out their new arrivals in my email.  Don't worry I do most of my shopping at Target in between trying to keep a toddler away from the toy aisle and trying to keep an almost 1 year old from licking the shipping cart while I chug my Starbucks.....or Gap if I can order online. I normally do a big order online about twice a year at Forever 21.  Big = $60.  That'll buy you a lot at this store, as you may know.......  Spring/Summer + Fall/Winter

I can typically look at something online and tell if it will look good or bad on my body type.  I thought, since we are all so excited for fall, that I would do a mini roundup of some cute things I have found online on this particular website lately.  

They are killing it with the current jewelry selection! How perfect is this necklace.  You could wear it over all your sweaters this fall! Those over the knee socks are a must have!!!I do believe I have a headband from last fall/winter that matches that plaid scarf. and the mustard color is my newest obsession!! That color absolutely screams fall to me! And the hoodies, because...hoodies. 

I did pop in to the store the other day {which is what got me thinking about doing this post} and make a small purchase in the store as we were walking by after playing at the splash park in that shopping area.  I bought a SUPER cute dark green sweater dress/tunic & then the sale items were buy one get one free! I found two things on sale that I loved anyway.  One being this top {which isn't on sale online} and a striped, peplum, tulip sleeve, v-back top {didja get that?!} It is very cute & I thought it would be perfect for our wine and cheese nights in Milwaukee in a few weeks!  The gray shirt doesn't look like much, but this top is 100% me! It's the perfect weight, not sheer, not heavy. You can wear it with yoga pants or a distressed pair of denim, boots, a plaid scarf and run out the door! My style to a T!

May all of your fall clothes and accessories be this cozy and cute! You're not too good for Forever 21...or too old....

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only 30-something that still occasionally shops at Forever21. Those are some great pieces! I also have to agree with you about Fall, if it was possible I'd have Fall for 9 months of the year and the other seasons could each have 1 month to show off their best attributes