Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Before & After Coolness}

Hey! Roll your mouse over the pictures above....isn't that pretty sweet? From now on I'm going to be taking pics from the same angle {these examples weren't the greatest} just so I can use this. Expect more where this came from!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention side note about my glorious new {ish} rug.  Remember the rug a couple of posts back? Yep, the beautiful one with the trellis pattern on it....

Well, Frank (we're on a first name basis) from the Lowe's in Liberty called me back a week after I posted that.  He found the 3 rugs his inventory said he had but he couldn't find at the time.  He called me on my way to the lake and I was sort of taken off "who are you??" "Frank, who?" "what rug?" He said it was even further on sale now. 

Try $17 dollars on sale!

I called Frank back and told him to charge me over the phone for one more for our deck when we have people over we'll just roll it on out! Hubby was so sweet to go pick it up for me (he loves me) Such a great deal, if you wanted one I'm just certain they're sold out at that price! Favorite purchase ever? Possibly.............

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