Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Painting the Kitch}

Hello, Hello!

I am progressing on the kitchen!! Woohoo!  I was off of work yesterday and the day before, and completed almost{touchup in some place is necessary} all of it {with the help of my loving, caring, handsome, sweet husband who mainly encouraged me, he wanted no part in painting}. He just loves my constant home improvement ideas....doesn't he?

Monday while waiting for the primer to dry, I began staring at my chalkboard, the red just does not go with the grey anymore.  I began taping the chalkboard with my trusty Frog tape. My husband walked into the room and said {and I quote} "Oh Lord, now she's painting everything...." I think he loves my beautiful decorating mind.  If nothing else it gives him something to laugh about.  You probably remember the before of this one....It was obviously around Christmas.

and the BEFORE-before....

Well, I painted that baby white {Behr Ultra Bright White left over from the guest bedroom/future nursery} and I love the contrast of the white and griege {grey-beige} on the walls. Those little snowmen on the BEFORE-before have been through a lot of changes this year.

Oh Yes, this is a sneak peak at the new color in our kitchen.  Glidden Wood Smoke. Don't you love it?

Cute chalkboard.  So happy to be rid of the dark red! The sunshine comes pouring in!!

I may paint a trellis pattern on it or I may leave it be. Most likely the latter but we will see.
Now I'm really struggling with the question of dark or light cabinets?...Light cabinets would REALLY lighten it up in here, but we both like the look of dark cabinets with the rest of our house...We are planning on refinishing the cabinets in the near future, but don't want to get overwhelmed, you see.


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