Thursday, July 7, 2011

{I Love Wood}

That's what she said...OK, Mike laughed about this post title. Whatever I do. Love wood. But this particular piece of wood, I realllllly love. I found it. On the street, and I thought it was SO cool looking, so I risked my life to pick it up. I made it out alive and look at the end result! But first, here's the BEFORE! Just a random piece of wood.

We've got a piece of wood just laying on our coffee table...My hubby just loves my arts and crafts.

And the cute after...

I love bringing the outdoors in....I got my inspiration for this mini project (and by mini, I mean it literally took me tha-ree minutes - start to finish) from my new favorite website Pintrest.  This was the inspiration photo.  I did a mini-version, but I still think it's cute and very natural looking.  My mother came over while I was making it and thought it was so cute! I just love my mama...

P.S. Can you really believe how this Casey Anthony case has turned out?  Me either, sad for her sweet little daughter...

Bye, Folks!

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  1. Awesome! I've always like that inspiration pic and yours looks great!! Nothing like a good piece of wood. That's what she said. :)