Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Indecisive Mommy Syndrome}

Do you have it too?? Who knows what the heck is going on with me?  I fell in love with the Peg Perego stroller that we purchased last weekend.  Now I'm out of love {Mike should be very afraid - just kidding honey!} with it.  I took it back today.  We bought another one because I figured out what I really wanted in a stroller was an all black one that has a bassinet attachment.  I read up on car seats and all and blah blah it's bad for baby's back for long periods of time apparently when they're newborns, but that's not the reason at all.  When we were over in Europe I was absolutely in love with all stroller prams.  AKA Bassinet - in Euro language. I saw one when I went out to lunch the other day and I literally drove by the new parents, stalker style and asked what brand the stroller was because I spotted it from afar.  Cheating on my Peg Perego.  She smiled and said "Hauck Malibu".  I immediately looked it up! Gorgeous and reasonable! $299 for the stroller, car seat adapter, bassinet, and bassinet stand, which we can use for him to take naps in even when not using the stroller. LOVE! We will still use the Peg Perego car seat and luckily I did my research and this stroller will work with the car seat because it has a universal adaptor.

And yes I just basically did a post on my indecisiveness. You're welcome :) Anywho, here's the new stroller, of course I'll post pictures when I get it as well {ordered online}. I can't wait to see baby B in it :)))

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