Friday, April 20, 2012

{stroller love}

I am really in love with this one! I mean it this time :)  I get so excited about anything that has to do with this baby! We finally got our Hauck stroller on Friday and got right to work putting it together.  Let me just say, the instructions are literally gibberish. Literally. My mom and I looked at it for a hour and barely figured  it out.  Mike cam home from work and couldn't figure it out. Finally we got it! It comes with a bassinet stand and obviously the toddler seat that we will use after a while.  I was most excited about the bassinet and the universal car seat adaptor, which are the 2 items we will be using right away.  Anyway I made my photog husband {I kid} take a picture of it because I was so excited.  Mike said that he really likes it too and that I made a good decision... I know dear :) This is it just on the bassinet setting, which took us another hour to figure out ;) Anyway we think it will be an awesome stroller now that we know how to do everything and the best part is that it's light weight {and freaking adorable}! I know I can't lift much!

Yes, that's my stomach. 

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