Sunday, June 24, 2012

{38 weeks}

How far along? 38 weeks! Could this be my last post???!! I know this heat is killing me!
Total weight gain/loss: a little over 21-22 probably
Maternity clothes? mostly leggings & maxi dresses at this point

Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Finding it hard to sleep lately.  I'm uncomfortable with this big belly, but so tired!! The pregnancy pillow helps....sometimes.  I am having pregnancy dreams too, I never did before.  I had a dream that we were at a Texas Rangers (WhAT?!Random) game and we forgot that I couldn't travel after 36 weeks.  I was (am) 38 weeks and I started having contractions and panicking that we wouldn't make it to Liberty Hospital in time.  Luckily, it was just a dream and I woke up thankful that we're here in KC.  Nothing to worry about.
Best moment this week: 1.We bought a camera!! So excited to take some pretty pics of my little man once he's here.  For now, Calvin is my muse ;).  I have been practicing and have visions of aperature, shutter speed, f-stop dancing in my head.  I think I'm getting the hang of it.  Richard, a friend at work, is a photographer as well as his fiance, he is giving me some pointers that I should know for great photos.  There is so much to learn!! I'm excited to hopefully get some really good hospital pics that we can cherish for years.  Mike and I have been practicing all the different functions of our Canon Rebel T3.  It is by far one of my favorite investments in a long time. It's like the gift that keeps on giving =) 

Except we are really excited about our 'gift that keeps on giving'......

We have practiced using it....

around the home......

in our bathroom....perfume looks so pretty when photographed like this!

......and at Trezo Mare for what could be our last date night before 'little' arrives!

Mike's tilapia & Stella - I wish that was my Stella =). 

2. We got our maternity pics back! I love them! Here's some of our favorites! Taken by The McGinnis Studios.  Such a talented person Ashley is and hysterical too!

3. We got the monitor/webcam set up in the nursery. Thanks to my friend Steph and her very intelligent husband and the entertainment of the cutest 8 month old Alaina!!! We couldn't have figured it out without them!! And we love love love it! It's mounted on the wall with some foam double sided tape.  The picture is really great and we can pull it up on our iPhones, iPad, and our Macbook.  So convenient for movie nights and stuff. 

4. We got both car seats finally put into the cars and We are ready for you baby boy! ;) You just feel free to come at any time.

Miss Anything? Nope

Movement: Yes, he's slowing down though.  He's running out of room, poor guy.  Makes me claustrophobic thinking about it.
Food cravings: potatoes, sweets, milk...chocolate milk is still one of my biggest cravings.  This week lemonade has been popular too.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really, when I don't eat snacks throughout the day, I get a little shaky.
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: Not really.  Some cramping, but not really. 

Symptoms: ACID REFLUX! Tums are a staple on my nightstand, now.  Swelling! It goes down at night but during the day it's bad! I feel like my face is swollen too.  It's funny because our photographer said that she likes to take pics between 34-36 weeks because your face will start to swell.  Now I believe her! I'm also having bad back pain.  I'm pretty sure it's just me naturally overcompensating for all of the weight on my front side by arching it back more than usual.
Belly Button in or out? out -my belly button is even running out of room to expand....Yikes!
Wedding rings on or off? OFF! My fingers swelled last night! I'm wearing my promise ring from high school....Maybe it will go back on soon, but for now, I'm leaving it off!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy & too excited because I know in a max of 3 weeks my little love will finally be here!
Looking forward to: Tuesday doctors appointment.  I want to see if I'm progressing at all.  Although I asked my mom and she said for us kids she had no signs before, her contractions just started one day at 6 minutes apart.  I'm sure I will be the same way. 

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