Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{our weekend}

This weekend was so fun! On Friday, we met my dad and step-mom at Fritz's Railroad at Crown Center. How have we never been there before? he was literally having the time of his life.

My son loves "Choo Choos". Everyone that has been around him can vouch for that...the last party we were at someone said they were going to be saying "choo choo" in their sleep. Welcome to my life. 

Everything is a choo choo though so that's when it become repetitive. Bicycles, cars, trucks, trains. All are choo choos. Then we took the sky walk link over to Union Station to see the model trains, but there was a HUGE costume party going on where they were. We sat around and looked at all the crazy costumes for a bit. There were some pretty good costumes there. And it goes without saying that there were some pretty risqué ones too....so glad I never went through that faze.....

We got home super late and L was so tired he went right to sleep, woke up Saturday morning and I made some delish pumpkin donuts with a glaze & some festive Halloween sprinkles while we listened to some Halloween music mixed with some oldies {Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, anyone?}. 

Once again Landon didn't like them at all...this is becoming redundant...

Then we did some shopping. Mike needed to get a dress suit and then we just shopped around Boardwalk.  Guess what we found in Rally House.... Oh weird.

So it goes without saying that he had a complete and total meltdown on the way out of the store. Everyone turned to look, but we just talked to each other like nothing was happening, like we always do. What? What baby is screaming and throwing their head back? Ours? No, couldn't be, ours is always an angel....

Once he calmed down from having to leave that awesome train set, we got home and I made a festive lunch for him. He LOVED it and looked at it for a hot minute, like what in the world?? That cheese was actually a wrap. On the bottom was a tortilla then deli chicken and cheese on top. It was fun to create. I am a new found lover of food art. I think I will do it for every holiday/event. 

While L napped I devised a plan to look for the train set that they had a RallyHouse. They had one at Pottery Barn but it was sold out. The one they had at RallyHouse was by Maple Landmark. Hello, perfect Christmas gift!! It's such a classic to that it could be passed down for years.  I think I will tell Santa to set it up in the living room on Christmas morning.  That Santa, so good. 

That night we took a quick trip to Chipotle for a burrito bowl that we all shared, and a trip to Yogurtini in his costume for some free yogurt for this little alligator {I have never seen such an adorable alligator}

Then we went over to our friend Tyler & Janelles house, to watch the MU game & close out the night. They lost & we are KU fans, but I was actually cheering for a win for them this time around. Guess I jinxed them. Sorry...

Sunday, we went to church, where might I add Landon was a complete ANGEL! We had a showing on the house so we deep cleaned in the morning after church, and then were gone by noon to my friend Courtney's house for the {8 & 0} Chiefs game! There was of course a mimosa waiting for me - with Strawberries in it! My friend knows me all to well. If you have to watch football all day might as well make it festive!

We were over there until about 8 or so until we had to get home to get Landon to sleep and wind down before the FESTIVE HALOWEENIE week ahead! 

I am planning on making a popcorn/chex/candy corn snack mix {Recipe Here - but Halloween themed instead of Easter} for my cousin's Halloween party that we go to every year and bringing the wagon so Landon can trick or treat in their neighborhood for the first time! Their neighborhood has so many kids which makes it super fun! 

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween! The next holiday is Thanksgiving! Yay!

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