Friday, November 1, 2013

{favorites friday}

Just a few of my favorite things lately:

1. This ADORABLE elf hat I bought for my babe {the smallest babe - can you imagine if Mike wore this? Yikes} earlier this week! How cute for Christmas? Can be found here if you would like one for your little Christmas elf! But now that I look at the link, we may have bought the last one.  Looks like the shop is not stocked anymore.  You could always send the shop owner a message. 

I ordered mine in a light green {not the bright green shown}without the straps because, lets be honest, he would hate to have something tied under his chin. We're talking about the boy that wouldn't wear his first birthday hat that I specifically ordered for his birthday. So sad.

2. Leftover Halloween Candy - We will be so upset when he can actually eat the Halloween candy. Seriously. Hubby and I went to town on his candy tonight. Sorry buddy, we don't want you to damage your least that's our story. He doesn't know any better yet. Cheers! Also we really like Twix bars...

3. November 1st - That's today! And it means the start of the "Holiday Season" for us at our house. It's acceptable now to listen to Christmas music from here on out...or maybe that's just me. The PB Kids catalog came in the mail today. I see lots of items from the catalog under our Christmas tree this year. A train you can ride on! Yes, please! Also, can we please talk about how cute those personalized Santa gift bags are! They can be used year after year. I mean really?! Too much! Hashtag PotteryBarnKidsDoesItAgain. 

I hope you have a great weekend! I'm thinking of doing a Halloween post if I get some time in our busy weekend.

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