Friday, November 1, 2013

{halloweenie 2013}

We had a "fabulous" {said in my best Orbit Gum girl voice} Halloween this year. Landon was our little Gator, I went as the Orbit Gum girl, Mike was the Chief's coach Andy Reid. 

Next year I think we will have some kind of a family costume theme, but this year Mike and I weren't planning on dressing up. I was working one day and thought, how boring are we!? We need to dress up for our Landon, so we quickly came up with some costumes. Mine came about thanks to my hairdresser.  She suggested it and I ran with it! 

Mike just thought of his when I let him in on the fact that we would be dressing up :) He didn't stand a chance.  Landon LOVED it.  He kept laughing at his daddy's pillow belly and kissing his mommy. He's just the sweetest!

I made my yummy Halloween crunch complete with candy corn.  Delish!

We brought the wagon that we got him for his birthday to wheel his around in, but he wanted to walk - or run! He was cracking me up running from door to door with only a few detours along the way.  He was following the lead of his 2nd cousins! He literally caught the hang of it after the first house.  Once he figured out that candy was involved he was off to the races!

After a while his little hands got cold and so we went back to my cousins house. She always has a great family Halloween party at her house.  We had some Chili, watched the kids play, answered the door to give out candy, and chatted before we called it a night.  It was a great "first" Halloween for Landon, meaning first Halloween that he really participated in the fun festiveness! We loved every minute of it! 

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