Thursday, November 14, 2013

{favorites Friday}

Another Friday, some more favorites :) serving them right up!

1. The cooler weather - I don't mind the cold, it makes me feel all cozy. I don't really like to be out in it, I like to stay home, build a pallet on the floor with a good movie and maybe some chili or soup and watch the snow fall outside with no place to be :) Since the cold literally snuck up on us this week, all we had for our Landon was either his 6-12 month coat from last year, or a lightweight fall jacket.  We've been using the coat from last year.  Needless to say, he needs a winter coat. And if we are spending $40+ on a coat that he will outgrow it better be cute! I couldn't find a cute one anywhere, not even my favorite store BabyGap! What? I looked at Zara, H&M, Babies R Us, Target. I finally found it! Carter's online! It's a 3 in 1! How cute is this coat? Judging by the reviews lots of people love it! Can't wait to bundle my Landon in it! 

The cooler weather also means hat weather! Here's our family of hats from my instagram the other night :)

Who can resist winter hats, or babies in winter hats in the banana aisle? If you can picture this little elf saying "Nana Nana Nana NANA" very loudly. That's what happened.

2. My mommy - I just love my mom.  She's the greatest.  She stayed with us on Wednesday of this past week because she had a minor doctor's appointment and had to have someone with her for 24 hours afterward.  Wednesday, we had a taco night and lots of laughs and playing with the baby.  She wanted to put Landon to sleep and so she read him a book, changed his diaper, and he fell asleep on her shoulder.  We watched Dateline like we always do together and had a slumber party...on a Wednesday! Love my mommy, and our slumber parties!

3. Starbucks groupon - Did you get it?! $5 for $10. Enough said! This should have been on my favs last week because I actually bought it last week! 2 of them! I am one that ALWAYS makes my coffee at home. We have a Keurig but I normally just use the reusable K-Cup with my Folgers or Dunkin Donuts coffee and hazelnut creamer. It's nice to get a festive treat every now and then....I see lots of Christmas shopping mornings in our future with some yummy Peppermint Mochas or Gingerbread Lattes in hand! You know you can't Christmas shop without your Starbucks. Cheers! 

4. Ikea - Lately I have been swooning over Ikea furniture! When we end up moving, I can't wait to decorate with their furniture/accessories! And we get one here in the KC area next year......Here are some things that I am dreaming of for the next house:

Can't you just see it all come together beautifully? I can! 

6. My last but CERTAINLY not least favorite from this week is this: 

This. This is my wedding set from the hubs - obviously. Can you notice that little $99 ring below it though? That's my promise ring. The one that he gave me when we were sitting on the couch at his moms house when I was 15 and he was 17.  He had a camero and I couldn't even drive. 

Yes, HE remembered and I did not...unheard of!!

With our 12 year anniversary of him asking me out on November 13, I got to thinking. Both rings are a symbol of his love for me (and mine for him) so why not wear them on the same finger? The one that leads straight to your heart. I used to wear it on my right ring finger, but I just think its fits so beautifully on this one. So, on this one it shall stay :)

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