Monday, November 18, 2013

{weekend recap}

A fun, relaxing weekend! 

On Friday night, we went to dinner at Crackerbarrel. Can we talk about my love for Crackerbarrel? I love the down home, cozy feel of it. I pretty much love everything about it: the store, the huge fireplace, and their pancakes and hash brown casserole. Landon also loves their pancakes and hash brown casserole. The apple just doesn't fall far from the tree....he likes sweets too...weird....

Saturday, we slept in - until 7 - then cleaned, lounged around and napped. We have been fighting a little head cold at our house, all 3 of us. Yuck! 

It wasn't so bad that I couldn't have my hot chocolate though. I love having mine with a graham cracker. It's like a s'more! My cup of tea. Or hot chocolate :) 

We got out of the house only once on Saturday. To go out and get some PJs and milk. That's all. My very fallish outfit of the day, complete with a topknot! I had to post this outfit, too! Surely, you get sick of just seeing my baby and my food? No? Me neither. Basically it's so I can remember to put it together again 😉 I'm getting pretty good at these selfies....that's something to be proud of, right?

The topknot on Saturday was impeccable! I can never get them to work perfectly but this one did! 

Basically, all I did was put it in a high pony. Wrap the hair tie around twice. Seperate into two sections and literally "tie" a knot. Then I wrapped the two loose ends around and took the pony tail holder around the whole knot once more. It looked so cute and stayed all day long! 

Then we came back home and changed into our PJs, again, and invited our friends Courtney and Andrew over for a quiet couples night at home.  It ended with Court and I watching 'How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days' upstairs while the guys battled each other in a game of Madden in the mancave. I literally think those two could talk sports for a week straight and totally not get bored. 

Sunday  - after church my mom picked me up and we went to World Market to get her table setting complete with cornucopias and pretty burgundy napkins! It is going to be such a pretty Thanksgiving table! Can't wait to help her put it all together! If you have yet to go to World Market, I highly recommend it! I even got a shirt there today! They have everything! 

I got some festive goodies for next month there too! The advent calendar is for Landon, so excited to carry along this tradition with him along with the gingerbread kit! 

Oh and the candy canes? I plan on pulverizing them and putting them on anything and everything I can! Pretzels with white chocolate, sprinkled in my hot chocolate, in my ice cream with hot fudge, in some peppermint sundaes, on red velvet cupcakes. Mmmmm the possibilities are endless.....

After that was the Chiefs game, and my husband's lucky socks. They weren't that lucky this time around, unfortunately. He may never wear them again after the Chiefs loss. It was a sad day.

Landon played with a couple of friends when we went to a Chiefs party at a friends parents house. There were probably close to 50 people there. Landon is a social butterfly so this was totally his element. He played, clapped, bullied, smiled and stole the hearts of everyone there! 

I was told - not once but twice - that we should put him in baby modeling. Which made me laugh because he would be a total hot mess. He's overly smiley and cheesy sometimes, but what's wrong with that?? On the way home, he was tuckered OUT! If I'm being honest we all were!

Straight to bed he went and us too!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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