Friday, June 20, 2014

{new home: the kitchen}

Our kitchen is really progressing as far as decision making goes! It's very exciting to build what we want and just go to meetings to choose. My husband sort of let me take the reins on the kitchen decisions. We are certainly on our way to having the kitchen I see in my mind. Some things that we have chosen this far include:

Paint - we chose one paint and one trim color for the house. Sherwin Williams Alabaster for the trim & kitchen cabinets, Repose Gray for the wall color. 

Cabinet style - 

We chose this style of cabinet because it was right in between the two extremes. Not totally square shaker style & not overly decorative. I love the simplistic style of them. I think they will look just perfect!

Pulls - 

For the handles, they offered JUST what I wanted! I was very excited about that! We chose the bottom right ones in silver and in the kitchen and the rest of the vanities/cabinets throughout the house will be a very dark stain so we chose the dark handles in the same size for those, to be consistent. 

Crown molding - 

We are going for a very clean and crisp look in the kitchen. The crown molding on top of the cabinets will stay consistent with that look. We chose the 2nd from the top because it is simple but with some presence to it.

Countertops - 

We just recently picked the granite out & my husband left this decision to me. I must say, I was on the fence. These were our 2 finalists - granite and Carrara marble:

After much thought and consideration, we chose the granite on the left. With 2 children and 2 coffee and wine drinkers we just didn't think marble would be a good option for us in the long run. Granite is much less maintence than marble and I don't think I would be able to be neurotic about keeping the marble free of wine/coffee/tomatos/juice. We won't have to worry about this with the granite. We did choose the lightest option that was offered to us. This is the granite on top of Landon's crib, which is basically the same color that we chose for all the trim in our home. I ultimately think we will not regret this decision. Low maintenance is good for a growing family :)

We chose a more contemporary square edge for the countertops, and a dark sink (even with a light kitchen I like a dark sink better than stainless steel or white because it doesn't show as much) with one side that's bigger than the other for extra large dishes and pans. Yay! 

Keeping with the rest of the house {entry/bathroom/breakfast nook} the floors will be a dark walnut too.

I think the only other things to pick out are the backsplash - I'm thinking something like subway tile & the appliances 

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