Friday, August 1, 2014

{4th of July/Landon's Birthday}

Happy Friday & Happy August! I'm a little late on this post, but we've been a little busy with a toddler, building a house, planning parties, weddings and growing another baby ;). 

Landon had a weeklong birthday celebration, just like he always has ;) We are not ones for having any kind of a birthday bash on a holiday weekend, mostly because people are busy and want to spend time with their family. As do we, but we always have a birthday party as a family at the lake. 

Unfortunately, the WHOLE family (in-laws and my dad) weren't there this year but we did make it home early enough on Sunday to have a little BBQ. Luckily for us his last 2 birthdays have fallen on a 3 day weekend! Here are some pics from his birthday at the lake. My little pirate! Arrggh!

We woke up early then went and got donuts and walked right back through the door at 9:00 am, the exact time he graced us with his presence. We immediately hugged and kissed him and sang him happy birthday!

We came home and this was the pic from his 2nd celebration!

He also got a golf cart ride from Papa! He loves those golf cart rides!

When we got back I heard our new neighborhood does fireworks galore/BBQ/pool time for the 4th every year! We are always at the lake but this new neighborhood sounds like so much fun! We are so sad we'll miss it!

For Landon's birthday party, the weekend after his birthday, we planned a backyard BBQ. It turns out the weather was exceptionally HOT that day so it turned into a basement BBQ and some playing outside. Here are some snaps of the party! I love party planning, but it's exhausting (or maybe that's just because I'm pregnant) so next year, I'm thinking a pool party. Our neighborhood has a huge pool! Yay!

A great time was had by all! I can't believe our little guy is 2! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are headed to the ZOO first thing tomorrow morning for a birthday party & then having a Birthday BBQ celebrating my husband and our friend Tyler's 30th birthdays! So old!! 

In other news, WE CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE THIS MONTH (hopefully)!

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